Summerizing the Homestead

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One of my favorite things to do each season is make new pillows.  It is amazing what a new pillow can do to change the mood in the house.  This year for summer I made simple red/white and blue/white striped pillows.  They feel nautical and patriotic at the same time to me, which is just what the season calls for!

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Besides my new pillows the things I am most excited about with my Summer decor this year are:

1. I finally quilted and bound my red and white quilt!!! I’m in love! It lights up the whole family room. It’s my favorite quilt ever. =) There is no pattern, just the very center paper pieced star block is from  Judy Niemeyer,  then  I added square in a square’s and some applique and borders to it.  It’s finished off with a scalloped border.

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2. This old coke box I found while antiquing,  another vintage red lantern, and a very sweet milk glass red and white bottle  for the kitchen table.

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3. My recent obsession with vintage picnic tins.

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5. It’s my first summer to decorate the mantel without the huge ugly mirror!

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It obviously doesn’t take much for me to get excited! Hehehe.

Later gators!


Summer Porch Spruce Up

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After our bedroom makeover this winter, our front porch floor was a disaster.  I had gotten stain and paint all over it knowing I would have to repaint the floor out there this spring.

Last week the porch floor repainting job got checked off the list and while I was at it decided to give it a little Summer makeover.

I  just had to go to the antique store to help me out don’t ya know!

I found these adorable lanterns and cute vintage coffee can that shout summer to me.

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What would summer be without yummy drinks?

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I found this neglected little wicker chair hiding in a corner at the antique store and gave it a once over with white spray paint.  Then I made a new cushion out of chenille and a vintage table cloth.  The pillow is from the same table cloth with a little pom pom trim added for good measure. =)

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I rounded up some red and white quilts and my vintage picnic accessories and made a little vignette on the old school desk.  I also made some new 4th of July pillows.

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It’s now a refreshed spot for morning coffee!

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Ahhhh summer…I love ya!

Later gators,


Industrial Chic Bedroom Makeover on a dime.

Here are some details of our bedroom makeover.

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I found out that high end Industrial Chic furniture and decor is VERY expensive. But I used some good ole DIY and had some good luck shopping to achieve the look I wanted for much less.

My advice:

1. Shop around in unexpected places (Big mega grocery stores, home improvement stores, etc) And stop back often to check on sales.

2. Build or craft  a replica of  the pricier decor and furniture pieces if you can’t afford them.

3. Look around your house and see what you can revamp.

The locker cart bedside tables were an amazing find.  I saw them on Dot and Bo website where they retail for $400.00 a piece. They were on sale for $249.00. That was still WAY too high for my makeover budget.


I decided to keep looking around my area to find something I could afford. Low and behold, I kid you not the very same locker carts were at my local Meijer grocery store.  They were marked down 75 % from $200.00 to $50.00.  I think I may have shouted “no way” right in the isle.   I just scored two tables for $100.00 that I could have paid $800.00 for.  Not bad!!

photo 404


I wanted an upholstered headboard and started my search online. I liked this one from Bonanza for $215.00


I found the very same one from Walmart online, delivered straight to my door for about $157.00!


We also desperately needed some new dressers.  I knew that was going to cost some money, but I wasn’t prepared for just HOW MUCH money.

This dresser , similar to what I wanted, from Wayfair is $977.99! Um, I don’t have 2000.00 to spend on a place to put our underwear.  I wish I did, then my underwear would be fancy enough to deserve 2000.00 worth of dressers. LOL


So I started looking up dresser makeovers and looking for dressers from Craigslist and thrift stores to transform.  I was inspired by this wonderful dresser.


Nothing came up.  But I did see a bunch of Ikea Rast Hacks, and decided that was the way to go.


Rast’s are the little versatile pine three drawer chests from Ikea that cost 35 buckaroos each.  I bought 4 and about 50 dollars worth of wood and enlisted my Dad aka Bob the Builder  to help me build what I wanted.

We screwed them together, added a base , and a top. I’m getting pretty handy with a miter saw and nail gun these days! =)

PicMonkey Collage2

I stained the body and drawers with Rustoleum wood stain in Driftwood.  The top and the drawer pulls were stained with Minwax Ebony. I used stencils and craft paint to add special numbers (birthdays, anniversaries) to the drawers to mimic my inspiration photo.

Whoala- two dressers for about $200.00!  A savings of $1800.00!

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The little decor items can really add up too.  But with some bargain shopping I found some wonderful items in MY price range.

I wanted two architect lamps for the side tables: you could pay $170 dollars each for these from LampsPlus


or even $30.00 each  for these from Target.


But I scored mine for $16.00 each at Menard’s home improvement store. Cha-ching! So basically I got two for the price of one!

This industrial gear sculpture can be found online from 42.00- 60.00.



I found mine at Hobby Lobby at 40 % off- totaling $16.00.

photo 303


I wanted a bench or trunk for the end of the bed to put our throw pillows on at night, but haven’t found luck finding what I want yet.  But I did find this old bench in our basement from the previous owners.  Pretty nasty, with cobwebs and old outdoor rung nailed on it:

old basement bench

I ripped the old rug off, stained it and added padding and burlap, it will do for now until I find what I want!

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Hope you find something in this post to inspire a bedroom makeover of your own =)

Later gators,


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Bedroom Makeover Accent Wall

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(Well don’t look at the top of our lopsided wall. We’ll add a piece of trim up there soon!!)

I’ve had some requests for details on the plank wall, so here goes:

I’ve been DYING to make a plank wall somewhere in my house.  Since our bedroom was severely lacking in style I knew that’s where the wall would go.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting 001

I would of course have loved to find old barn wood or pallet wood or something cool and reclaimed, but since

1. I’m impatient

2. Our area of the world has been so covered in snow and ice, it’s hard to get out and look for said reclaimed wood.

So instead we used 4-  4 x8 sheets of Oak plywood I purchased at Lowes (29.00 each)  and had them cut it down to 5 inch planks.  So the planks were 5 x 8 when I brought them home.

Once I got them home I set up a couple saw horses and started staining and painting the planks. (Sorry no pictures)

Over the course of two days I prepared the planks. I used Rustoleum’s  Driftwood, Weathered Gray, Dark Walnut, and Willow wood stains.  I bought a couple of little sample paint pots at Lowe’s too in gray, turquoise, light blue, and white. Once I had all the planks stained I dry brushed different combinations of the paints over some of the planks.

I then painted the room and all the trim. I left the plank wall the tan color it already was because seriously why would I paint something I don’t have to? =)  AND  I thought it would be a more neutral color for behind the planks

Then it was time to install.

My loving father had given us a miter saw some time ago, but do you think we could find it? Someone must have stolen it out of our garage in our last home. So we purchased a new miter saw and  a finish nail gun. I highly recommend borrowing or buying these two items if you’re going to do a plank wall.  It made it go so fast!!

We started at the top.  It’s important to make sure this top row is level!! Even if your house is insanely lopsided like our old girl!! Haha. If not your plank wall could end up diagonal.

We used a level to make sure it was straight , started from left to right,  and just used the finish nail gun to nail them right to the wall. (Our wall was a weirdly paint finished plywood underneath so we didn’t have to worry about a million nail holes. If we decide to take it down after a few years, we’ll just remove both layers and drywall.)

Cornbread and Beans Quilting 004

All the following rows we installed  from right to left so we would have a nice clean edge on the angled wall on the right side of the room (it’s where the chimney is.)

I would just chop all different sizes of planks, bring them up to The BG and he would nail away. We tried to vary size and color as we went along.

Here we are finished in the evening:

Cornbread and Beans Quilting 017

We’re still trying to decided what to trim it out with at the top?? and searching for the perfect mirror to hang above the bed.

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Later gators!


Our Spring Living Room

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Continuing on with sharing my shopping spree today.

I didn’t change too much up in here from the winter decor, just added some spring touches like some new plants and fresh tulips.  My wedding bouquet was white tulips, and when I brought them home The BG said, “reminds me of our wedding.” What a romantic guy, I didn’t even think of that until he said it!

I just added a nest to the coffee table arrangement, and left the binoculars for spring bird watching.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 061

Hobby Lobby had their terrariums and bird cages half off last week. I have really wanted this rusty beauty for awhile now, so it was the perfect time of year to buy it and fill it with plants.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 065

I found the milk glass planter at the same antique store the little wooden shoe form came from. The other pot is just a cheap clay pot white washed with a chalkboard sticker added. There’s a little nest, vintage clock, and sweet birdie in there too. I planted rosemary and a little fern.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 068

I found this white pitcher at TJ Maxx, it’s  not ironstone but one can never have too many white pitchers, and at 7 dollars it had to come home.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 067

And inside the cabinet is another little new addition to the ironstone collection.  It was one of the last things I bought on my shopping spree and I almost didn’t buy it because I was starting to feel guilty.  But I’m glad I did! That ironstone collection isn’t going to grow itself. hehehe

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For the mantel, I found these great architectural salvage pieces at an antique barn in Allen, MI. They had big stacks of reclaimed barnwood too which I would have loved to get but I was driving my little VW Bug, so that wasn’t going to happen.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 058

A new little ironstone pitcher with some faux lavender.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 059

And a bunny for the end.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 060

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I left the sewing machine table pretty much the same, just took out the branches and added some spring blossoms found at Michael’s , changed the chalkboard to Welcome Spring!, and added some bunny molds.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 031

The table in the foyer got spring-a-fied too with some garden tools and seed packets.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 049

And my poor egg wreath that had seen better days, but I can’t bring myself to not use it. HA

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 048

I’ll be back tomorrow with our next installment of the Oh, Captain Wentworth! Sew Along.

Have a great day!

Later Gators,


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Our Spring Dining Room

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I’m too chicken to drive whenever it’s snowing, or if there is snow/ice on the roads. I haven’t been antique shopping since before December. So when we had a little break with clear roads this weekend I was outta here!  I drove to all my favorite antique spots and to the local green spot to get some springy plants to scatter around our house for some much needed cheering up. Enough of this cold snowy winter I tell ya!!

This cheery pot of daffodils became the center of the spring table arrangement in my big dough bowl.  I added some moss balls, eggs, and cabbage heads.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 005

I found many new ironstone pieces at really good prices while I was out. Here is one of the little servers on the plate rail. I threw in some faux sprigs in the mercury glass vase.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 013

On the other side, I placed a couple clock faces. One I found at an antique store, and the big one was from Hobby Lobby. I took it out of it’s frame and used the frame in the dry sink.  Guess how much it was?  7 dollars.  STEAL!!! =)   I also found this sweet milk-glass vase at antique and  filled it with a real rosemary plant. The little chalkboard sticker came from Michael’s dollar bin.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 050

I bought a few clay pots and white washed them and used the little chalkboard stickers on them.  Here is one on the dry sink.  I can’t remember what kind of plant this is.  Hope I don’t kill it! LOL

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 010

The rest of the dry sink has a frame I found in the basement, and the clock face frame with a mossy wreath, bunny and faux flower arrangement.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 007

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 011

My next plant went into an enamel Tea can.  The ironstone platter was another find on Saturday.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 017

The hutch always looks pretty much the same I just tried to spring it up a little.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 028

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 025

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 027

And my very favorite thing I bought?  This framed sheep print I’ve had my eye on for over a year.  Every time I visit the antique store where it came from I always stare at it and long to buy it.  I could never make myself spend the money they were asking for it because of the condition it’s in. But I finally bit the bullet and I am so glad I did.  I love it, even in it’s tattered state. It’s perfect for spring.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 020

Lastly I hung up my new quilt I made for our sew along.

Cornbread and Beans Quilting Blog 029

I’ll be back with the rest of the spring decorating and the other fun things I picked up on my shopping spree!

Crossing my fingers for spring to get here!!

Later gators,


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January Living Room, or my good luck thrifting.

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I must admit I had a hard time getting myself going with the decorating after Christmas. I had bought a new mirror, and some large candle sticks for the mantel, but after that I was stuck.

I’ve been slowly transitioning from primitive country to a more industrial/salvage/urban farmhouse style that my home seems to be asking for. Yeah my house can talk, can’t yours? hehehe

I went out and about yesterday to see what I could see. Lo and behold,  the thrift/antique fairy sprinkled dust on me, as she’s want to do at times, and I found some treasures to spark my decorating mojo.

I found this AWEsome little pelt at the bible thrift for 4 dollars.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 005

If pelts don’t scream freezing cold winter, I don’t know what does.  I kinda felt sorry for whatever little animal this was, but it was already dead, and I knew I would treat it nice, so I took it home.

I was wondering what to put in the wooden crate, and this got me started.

I added some ironstone, collected some twigs from outside and added some silver candle stick holders found at the same thrift.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 700

I copied someone’s idea of hanging a boxwood wreath on my chalkboard then scripted the words “winter blessings.”

The silver  deer antlers are left over from another arrangement I had for Christmas and are hanging way too high, but I already had a nail there. So to save The BG from having an apoplexy from making too many holes in the wall , there they will stay. LOL

Cornbread and Beans Blog 002

On the VERY SAME DAY, I found this tattered old globe for 10 dollars, and it was in the same color way as the candle sticks I had bought for the mantel.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 020

I found one little tealy blue book and then I was on the hunt for more…. I gathered quite a few blueish books.  The first few were from an antique store which were around 3 bucks a piece, but then I hit the thrift store and WOW thrift store books are only 1 dollar a piece.  Note to self….only buy books at thrift.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 025

Here’s the mantel put together

Cornbread and Beans Blog 018

Cornbread and Beans Blog 017

Swinging around to the love seat area, I just added some tealy pillows to try and tie it in.

Cornbread and Beans Blog 010

To carry on with my globe and book theme the coffee table has things a scholarly traveler might need, like journals, a quill, some binoculars (a 3 dollar thrift store find,) shells one must collect, and the scale for I don’t know what?? HA maybe to weight his biggest shell?

Cornbread and Beans Blog 035

Cornbread and Beans Blog 033

Behind the love seat is a mish mash of things I had around and a paper mache 3 I tried to make “rusty.”

Cornbread and Beans Blog 013

Now it’s on to the family room.  I’m having fun!

I’m trying to practice with my Christmas present from my fabulous husband, a fancy dancy Rebel T3i dslr camera.  Wow am I intimidated. So far I can click the shutter button.  LOL!!!!!!I better get out there and watch some videos!!!

Later gators,


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A new over mantel

So we finally did it.

We took the enormous dated mirror down from over the mantel.

It turned into a minor disaster, but the monster mirror is gone. Sheww.

Here’s a before shot of the offending mirror.

cornbreadandbeansblog 021

I researched taking mirrors down on the internet and took all the proper precautions: duct tape the mirror, use heavy duty suction cups, wear goggles and gloves, etc.

It was really all for naught as the mirror was tucked in behind the ceiling plaster and behind the mantel wood, so there was nowhere to shimmy anything behind it to break the glue patches.

The initial plan was to save the mirror glass to use in other projects, but we had been working on getting it off for a few hours and at that point The BG and I were so frustrated we just decided to give it a little tap to break off a portion and work from there.

One little tap…

Okay cool we got a little chunk off.

Two little taps…


Here’s were my advice for removing a mirror comes in: LAY DOWN A PROTECTIVE TARP OVER YOUR WOOD FLOORS!!!!!!!

The whole mirror shattered into a million pieces and damaged our floors!!

cornbreadandbeansblog 022Yikes!

After I finished crying , and the BG finished cursing my need to DIY , we continued.

We hung 1/4 inch plywood to get a nice smooth surface then added  1 x 3 (I think) per-primed mdf, and a little piece of trim at the top to TRY to match the crown molding.  In an old house you know nothing is ever level or square!

cornbreadandbeansblog 024

At this point The BG said, “there you go,” grabbed a beer and watched the football game.

I did the caulking (it took ALOT to patch the top) and the painting, and now I LOVE IT!

No more ugly mirror!

cornbreadandbeansblog 026

I’d love to replace the floor tiles, and to figure out how to remove the old gas heater that is in there. ( Can you feel my husband cringing?)  I don’t think it is hooked up to gas,I can almost pull it right out if it weren’t for the tubing that goes somewhere??  But considering the way this project went, I might need to call in an expert. I don’t want to blow us up!!! LOL

Later gators!


My new vintage bar cart.

candbeans bar cart 016

It all started this past summer when I found this great vintage looking ashtray while The BG and I were out and about in Saugatuk, MI.

I kept having visions of a vintage bar cart for my fabulous ashtray to sit on (even though The BG quit smoking,  and for our last two houses I never, ever smoke inside.)

candbeans bar cart 011

Suddenly I was obsessed with finding a bar cart. I found out that they are pretty darn expensive!  I was almost committed to buying a new one online from Wayfair, when the antique fairy sprinkled her dust on me one Saturday.

Side note: Oh how I miss my Mom!! She is still in Texas taking care of my Uncle, and The BG makes a poor antique shopping pal next to her! LOL   He is always wandering off and won’t stay next to me oohing and ahhing at things. Come home Mommy!!!

There she was a little vintage tea cart for $20.00 WOW!!  I knew right away she was destined to become my bar cart.  I had to buy some metallic gold spray paint to spruce up her dinged up metal, but after that she was good to go.

I went about decorating her with martini, rocks, and wine glasses.  I tried to mix a little silver and gold together for some twinkle.

candbeans bar cart 014

candbeans bar cart 003

It will be great fun locating vintage barware to add.  I already came across this really cool cocktail for two set made by Libby Glass still in the box.

cornbread and beans 054

Love it! Cocktail anyone?

cornbread and beans 048

It fits just perfectly tucked into a corner in our family room until which time I have to move the liquor to a locked closet when my girls get older and may try to take a nip! LOL

candbeans bar cart 005

Later gators!