Thursday’s child has far to go.

Charming charm squares.

My new charming charm squares.

Happy Thursday to you!

So I completely underestimated how much laundry one can pile up if their Mr. Washingmachine breaks for a week.  I am still doing the last loads. Shewwww. Almost there.

In spite of my brave proclimation that I was going to do my bindings yesterday, they are still waiting for me today. I think I will do them tonight.  I mean…why do a binding today when you can make another top and put off binding until tomorrow…and tomorrow…and tomorrow.  I am sure all you hard core, old school quilters will be appauled to hear this, but I actually once USED a quilt for a whole year with the binding just machine sewed on ( the hand tacking on the back I kept putting off.) I even washed it a couple times!!! OMGoodness. AND that I actually had a quilt hanging on a ladder sans binding ( I finally folded it up and put it in my hutch and the poor thing still doesnt have a binding.)  These stories are a testament to how much I hate putting on the binding.  I don’t know why I am like this?? Pretty sad really. Sometimes I can sucker my Mom into doing it for me. hehehe

So yesterday I stopped by the quilt shop where I work and picked up a couple patterns from Thimble Blossoms that I had my boss order for me.  They are just the cutest little things, one uses jelly rolls and the other layer cakes.

My new patterns for the overflowing pattern box.

My new patterns for the overflowing pattern box.

I know they don’t look like my folky style, but I surprise myself all the time with how much I love every and all fabric. I was never like that until I started working at the quilt shop a couple years ago.  Before that I liked, brown, brown, tan, and brown. It’s good to grow isn’t it? I also picked up a pack of “Mod” charm squares (it has alot of Amy Butler, whom I love, in it.) Now mind you nothing I make with these colors in them ever make it to my first floor.  They usually get given away to nieces or go in my girls’ rooms. For myself,  I have many Amy Butler bags and purses, one is constantly swinging from my arm when I go out. But I can’t help but stick with the dark folky stuff in my decor downstairs. Even though I live in the city, I am a farm girl at heart.

I also grabbed this cutie tootie paperback book cover.  My quilt shop co-worker Jane and I were joking that it would be great to have to cover up the books you read in between serious books, or the “bodice-ripper” (as she refers to romance novels.)  But when people ask you can say you are reading Thoreau. heheheh =)  I always get such a kick out of Jane.

Fabric paperback cover.

Fabric paperback cover.

I got the top pieced for my little homespun pumpkin head.  When I finish writing this I am going to go put the wool applique face on him.  I think he will be hanging on my front porch this fall season. I will post a pic when he is done.

Pumpkin without a face or a stem for that matter!

Pumpkin without a face or a stem for that matter!

And MAYBE I can get those bindings done LOL.
Until tomorrow, Melissa
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2 comments on “Thursday’s child has far to go.

  1. Sara says:

    I am not a binding person either. I currently have two quilts sitting here waiting for the binding to be hand stitched down. Now I also have 5 quilts that are waiting for backing and binding!
    I am also jealous that you work in a quilt shop! I would love that job, but I would spend all my money there! Great pumpkin too!!

  2. cornbreadandbeansquilting says:

    Oh Sara, I quite often do spend everything I make there, and then some! Maybe if we are really good the binding fairy will come to both of our houses tonight! LOL =)


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