Turkey surprise.

I woke up today to such a gorgeous sunny day (notice I don’t say morning, I slept way in.) I decided since the BG (brooding genius) was going to be in charge of the kiddlets today, I was going to go on a country drive. Sometimes I just like to get out and see open fields, rolling hills, and trees that aren’t surrounded by cement.


First I stopped at Cuppy’s, a little drive through coffee joint, and bought myself a LARGE mocha bianca and a chocolate cheesecake muffin…..girl, this is mommy’s day! I pointed myself in the direction of my favorite quilt shop of all time…The Hen House in Charlote, MI. If you are ever in the area I highly recommend stopping in to say hi to Nancy.  She has the coolest primitive/folky stuff in there. I wish I could take every one of her samples home. Darn I wish you could see it, next time I go I will ask her if I can take some pic’s to post. 

On the way I spotted a NEW QUILT SHOP…wooo hooo!! The day is getting better and better! I think it was called The Red Barn Quilt shop?? Can’t remember but I know where it is LOL. I bought a couple patterns there. Then on to The Hen House where I bought some awesome hand dyed wools, and a fig tree layer cake pack. In my drooling around, I mean browsing, I saw a turkey quilt that I had bought the kit to last year. OMGoodness I forgot all about that thing!!!

All in all it was a much needed day. Alone time, driving on the back roads in the car with the windows down listening to NPR and fabric shopping.  And guess what I did when I got home? Took a nap. Could there be a more perfect day?

When I got some get up and go I went into the sewing room and dug out my Turkey quilt. I had the turkeys already appliqued. They just need their stars and heads. I guess I could leave their heads off and say it is a turkey dinner quilt…heheh. But I think they will be cuter with their heads on.

Here is the pattern


Turkeys waiting for heads.

Turkeys waiting for heads.

So now I am all inspired to work on these little fellas. I think I will start tomorrow. The quilt looks really cute all put together. Sorry about the picture quality, I must still be in a sugar coma from the enormous coffee and muffin.

I also cut out this panel and contemplated what I might do for borders around it.  Now I am telling you I never, ever do panels so it is very strange that the only two I have ever done (I mean for personal use cause I have  may have done a couple of shop samples for my boss)I have now blogged about. But I must have really thought they were cute?? Or maybe I drank a mocha bianca that day too?  Regardless they have been sitting there for over a year so I might as well sew em up. The other kitties I think I might make little treat bags out of for my kids’ friends for Halloween.
Cutie tootie kitties.

Cutie tootie kitties.

Okay these are not too exciting, but the whole point here is to talk about things that make quilting easier for me. Also if I blog for over a year I am sure to run out of things to mention so I have to space out the SUPER COOL stuff right? LOL
These binding clips are great for when you are hand sewing the binding to the back of your quilt. Or in my case they are great for my Mom when SHE is sewing the binding on the back of my quilt teheheheh.  They save your hands from cramping trying to hold that pesky binding.
Yaaa Hooo for Binding Clips

Yaaa Hooo for Binding Clips

After while crocodile, Melissa

3 comments on “Turkey surprise.

  1. jackie says:

    First time visiting your blog – it was so fun to read about your girls. Actually I came to your blog from my daughters blog and boy do I remember the days when my 2 now 30 something girls where the age of your girls. Some days were definitely hair pulling out days. Enjoy them though – they will grow up. I am also a binding sewing mom – where did you get the binding clips. I have a binding to sew on and I can see those little clips being very useful. Loved all the things you make!!

  2. Sara says:

    Sounds like you had a great day! All those quilt shops and fun stuff! I am not a panel person either. I don’t know why that is! And those binding clips actually look like hair barretts – you know the kind I mean? I bet the would work the same and it would certainly make it easier for my mom to sew my bindnigs on! LOL! She does mine too!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I love the turkeys, what a great find. Can’t wait to see the completed project. It’s neat to see what color choices people make. Take care and have a great week.

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