The end of my liberation from make-up.






Well I put on make-up for the first time since the beginning of summer in celebration of going back to work.  I tell ya I almost forgot how to put that stuff on!!  Now I have to wash it all off before I go to bed tonight.  I mean really, it’s just  a pain in the neck if you think about it.  I am starting to think life would just be better without it. LOL

Quilt N Go the shop where I work. This is an older picture I need to get a new one.

Quilt N Go the shop where I work. This is an older picture I need to get a new one.

So it was sheer bliss being back at work. I love everything about it. I love the 15 min country drive out there to the quilt shop. I love the people who work there. I love my boss. I love our customers.  I got busted this morning by my boss Ruth.  She read the part on my blog about that “other shop” being my all time favorite quilt shop. So this is for you Ruth.  Quilt N Go is REALLY my all time favorite quilt shop…really!!

Ruth and I spent most of the day talking about the web site for our shop. She was showing me how to work with the software that updates the site.  We are planning a big overhall of the site and adding lots and lots of inventory for purchase. I am thinking that will be taking up a big part of my time at the shop for the next couple weeks. I will be sure and post a link when we get all the work done in case any of you get in a shopping mood. =)


Acorn Tablerunner Pattern by Whimsicals

Acorn Tablerunner Pattern by Whimsicals

  So needless to say no quilting occured today.  But lucky for me I have many finished quilts to post so it looks like I was really busy! Hehehehe.  Here is the tablerunner I have on my coffee table. I like to switch those out every couple weeks, because I have so many and it’s fun to look at new things. 
Does anyone have any of this fabric in their stash they want to sell to me? Or might know any shops that still have some around for sale?  It is from Thimbleberries Mr. Halloween’s Party.  I am pretty sure it was from last years collection.  I really want just like a yard or a 1/2 yard, but I can’t find it anywhere on the web.
Mr. Halloween's Party fabric that I can't find anywhere.

Mr. Halloween

Lator Gators, Melissa

3 comments on “The end of my liberation from make-up.

  1. Ruth says:

    I can’t stop laughing. It was great having you back to work. It was the best day I have had in a while. Nice meeting you dad. Love you to pieces.

  2. Sara says:

    What a great little quilt shop! I love its country charm! You also do such great work. I never, ever wear makeup. The last time I did DH was like “hot date?” Good thing I was going out with him! LOL! I also look REALLY young so that probably doesn’t help. And your girls are beautiful!!

  3. Kristie says:

    I found two websites that show as having that Mr. Halloween fabric from last year. They are:


    Hope this helps!!

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