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Yikes~! I have been AFB (away from blog) for a few days. But I have semi good excuses!!

My Mom and I had a little outing on Saturday, which we are wont to do on a beautiful fallish day. She is really just so much fun to hang out with. All the little primitive and antique shops we love were having their fall open houses, so we cruised around and shopped at them all. I bought a new pumpkin guy for my collection and another old ladder to hang quilts on.  Tina from Creative Quilting returned 2 of my quilts, and 1 of my Mom’s on Friday, so I needed to give Mom’s  to her. I forgot to take a picture of hers..bummer!
Here are the two I got back:

Pumpkin Hill , just in time for fall!!

Pumpkin Hill , just in time for fall!!

This is my favorite block, isn't the owl cute?

This is my favorite block, isnt the owl cute?


Every year at the quilt shop each of us employees do a BOM.  We get to chose which “theme” we are going to do, and we choose blocks out of a block-tool that the customers purchase. The blocks are 2 bucks and they can choose to do one or all of them (there are usually 6 to choose from).)  Then at the end of the year we set them to give customers and idea of what to do with their blocks.   So this  one is my “Blues and Browns” from last year. This year I went out on a limb and chose to do 30’s.  It’s been fun working with them. I will make sure to post a pic in December when I do my layout.
My ugly quilt.

My ugly quilt.

Now even though this isn’t one of my favorite quilts it is big so we can cover up with it! =) My husband, the BG is holding it up so I can snap a pic.


So now I need to get the bindings on these babies.  Any volunteers?

Okay going to get some sewing done!

Have a great day! Melissa

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  1. Although I’m not volunteering to do your bindings 🙂 I will say that I have been enjoying your blog. You do beautiful work and your decorating pics are such fun to look at.

  2. Tami says:

    I love the quilt that isn’t your favorite! The colors are very soothing

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