Coffee time.


I have been sitting here having my morning coffee, the house is quiet, life is good. I love alone time. I love morning coffee time. I love being alive!


So do you have a facebook? I have had one for about a year. I thought it would be nice to try and find some old college friends that I had lost touch with.  It really has just sat there kind of lonely with the exception of a few college peeps, old co-workers, and family.   A few weeks ago, all of the sudden, I had a high school friends explosion!! So this facebook thing is really starting to eat up some time here. Next summer will be my  20TH OH MY GOODNESS yes my 20TH high school reunion.  I haven’t seen these people since 1989. Everyone looks soooo goood. It gives me hope that maybe I am not that old.  Anyway, off track sorry, while replying to facebook peeps this morning I got a note from my brother-in-law Luke. He would like me to try doing the National Novel Writing Month. The jist is you sign up to try and write a novel, 50,000 words, in the month of November. You start Nov 1st, and the event ends at midnight on Nov 30. If you make the 50,000 words you get put on the list of winners on their web site.  It’s really a very cool idea. If you have ever thought about writing a book this would be the time to get your juices flowing! Here is the website  Do IT!!! It will be fun! Hope they don’t check spelling, or punctuation for that matter. (giggle) I will start thinking of a plot so I am raring to go Nov 1.


I finished my turkey quilt top yesterday.   No binding occured for the finished quilts =(  Binding is the bane of my existance.

Turkey dudes.

Turkey dudes.

 This is up next:


 It is a buck-a-block from the Hen House 2007.  As you can see I skipped doing some blocks there. What a slacker.


Okay so what I haven’t shown you all in every picture I take of my cutting board is a dirty little secret that has been sitting just off to the right in all my pictures.  I crop it off everytime.  If I don’t look at it, then I don’t have to think about finishing it.  Out of sight, out of mind right? Wrong. I HAVE to finish this quilt for my husband’s ex-boss.  She is just the nicest lady ever. She and her husband moved to California in June and I promised them I would make a quilt for their new bedroom. They are “modern” type decor people, and as you see I am primitive,  modern is not my bag. They wanted a quilt designed it the Frank Lloyd Wright vein. I was cruising around the web getting ideas, when what to my wondering eyes appeared …. a quilt book written by Jackie Robinson with FLW quilts already designed for me!! Yeaaa I thought. This is gonna be easy peasy! Wrong again.  This quilt is giving me fits. It’s way to structured for my primitive-homespun-it’s-supposed-to-look-like-that self.  I actually have to make teeny tiny black lines meet up perfectly. I will never do another one I tell ya!
It's so hard !! (for me anyway)

It is so hard! (for me anyway)

Yet another side table taken up in my sewing room by this impossible quilt.

Yet another side table taken up in my sewing room by this impossible quilt.

So while this FLW quilt is weighing on my mind I am dreaming of doing this:
Which comes from this book:
Ahhhh much better =)
Later Gators!


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  1. Sara says:

    I still haven’t binded my funky monkey quilt!! But I do love the turkeys, the buck a block and the ladies. I don’t think I could make the FLW quilt either. It looks like I would have issues lining it up, but then my lines are never perfect and I don’t care!

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