I got nothin’….new that is.




First of all I just want to say that I love overalls.  They let you move freely, they let your belly hang out, they make going to the bathroom an adventure (will my straps fall in the toilet or not,) and you can pretend you are a farmer allll day long. Why do I only own one pair????


I had my teeth cleaned this morning. They are pearly white, but I notice my gums are a little sore in the back now.  Opppps. Floss, floss, floss.  I have to go pick my girls up a little early today from school for their cleaning appointment.  Then we have their open house at school. They are having a little picnic and school tour so we can get to know the teachers.  So as you can see with my day all chopped up like this there probably wont be any sewing occuring until later in the eve. In order to keep up the guise of dedicated quilter,  I decided I would post some pictures of my favorite quilts made in the past.  Some lazy blog readers (am I telling on myself???) might just look at the pictures if they are in a hurry anyway =) and say wow she is just so busy! LOL

This is one of my favorite quilts. I ran this BOM at Quilt N Go a couple years ago. It has pieced bits, and hand applique bits. It is mostly Catch A Star fabric from Whimsicals . Have I mentioned I LOVE  Whimiscals?? I had so much fun making it (until I got to all the applique leaves that is.)

Stars Around the Garden

Stars Around the Garden

Tina from Creative Quilting machine quilted it for me…. I always wanted a feather quilted border yipppeee!

I finally have a border with quilted feathering !!

I finally have a border with quilted feathering !!

This is the quilt that is on my blog header.  I made this kit up for the shop a couple years ago. I can’t remember the name of the pattern, but it is from Cotton Way.   The centers are wool felt applique.
Pattern by Cotton Way

Pattern by Cotton Way

This is what is on my coffee table this week.  Now I made this years ago before I built up my enormous wool stash. Someday if I get to the bottom of my patterns and books to-do-list I would like to re-make it in real wool and throw this one away. 
But shoot it’s already done….and very fall-ish don’t ya think?
Lastly this came in the mail yesterday!!! It is from my computer gaming best pal Will.  We started a little local brewery beer exchange. He lives in Kansas and I am in Michigan, so it is hard to get beer from eachothers little local brewerys.  I sent him Oberon, a yummy summer brew from Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI.  And he returned the beer box yesterday with this delicious looking brew.  I am going to be tasting in on Friday night, when all of us ‘puter gamers will be playing our newest game, Warhammer online. Thanks Willy Will!!
I think next  I am going to send him a brew out of right here on my street in Battle Creek…Arcadia Brewing Company.
Looks yummy doesn't it?

Looks yummy does it not?

Lator Gators! Melissa
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  1. What a neat job you have….

  2. cathie says:

    Hi Cornbread! I love the pieces you are working on. Primitive / Folk Art is a style that I’m dying to get my hands into. I so admire the look and appeal. Very glad I found your blog. I will be visiting again soon.

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