Wordle and other fun stuff.



Oh …my….goodness! The wordle site is soooooo much fun. I got kind of caught up making one. Try one! http://wordle.net/create

This was what I came up with:


Also this personality test was really fun. My dad sent it to me. You choose pictures that you like the best out of categories and they tell you about yourself.


Ohh and Ruth I know you would like this one. It puts your engineering skills to the test. It’s a fun little game you play building a machine to get a wheel in a box. WARNING: ADDICTIVE =)http://fantasticcontraption.com/


Notice how I am trying to distract you with fun things instead of telling you how I didn’t do any sewing today? Well….I had to work.  Then my oldest daughter was having a down day  so I spent time hugging and loving her. We used her little Barbie sewing machine to sew blank pieces of paper together to make a book. She had so much fun writing and illustrating it.

When the BG got home she wanted him to do the writing part so that she could just do the illustrating part. It didn’t take long for the BG (I don’t call him the Brooding Genius for nothin’)  to explain to Patience how authors go through the publishing process, and that if she wanted him to edit it then she would have to pay him.  Together they hatched a scheme to sell the book to Grandma so that Patience could afford to “hire” him to edit for her and she would then make MORE books to sell.  He told her that he would take  30% of the money for acting as publisher/editor. Then my beautiful, smart, 8 year old said, “Dad, I think I am going to just do it myself and keep ALL the money!”

gratuitous picture of my sugar boogers.

gratuitous picture of my sugar boogers waiting for the bus Tuesday.

Then before I knew it, it was time to cook dinner.  Now I just want to veg and look at other peoples productiveness.

Later Gators!



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  1. Melody says:

    I don’t know if Ruth liked the fantasticcontraption.com but I spent way more time playing with it than I should have. I’m sure I will again. It is addicting. I like the wordle too. That, too, is addicting.

  2. Not sure if Ruth enjoyed the fantasticcontraption.com but I did. Thanks for sharing it. Spent more time there than I should have and will be playing with it again. It is addicting. The wordle is fun too. Thanks for sharing.
    (This might be a dup but I didn’t see it go through.)

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