I love that saying.  I bought this little stitchery at a folk art show a few years back. I am definitely an old house kinda girl. You would never catch me buying a brand new house. Nope… give me the creaky floors, the grand old wood work, the windows that are impossible to open, the attics that just may have an old treasure long forgotten.  I grew up in a old yellow farm house.  That is probably how my affinity for all things old was born. 

 When I was a little girl we had a woman stop by our house and tell us that she was born in it!! She brought some black and white photos with her of our house when it had been hit by a tornado. The kitchen had all of its walls blown down, but the old wood burning cook stove still stood, and a bowl of eggs was sitting on top of it. Not one of the eggs had broken!!!

If you are lucky enough to live in an old house, full of history and years full of love and family, be gentle to it. Don’t be too mad at it because your shelves kind of lean one way of the other.  Don’t be too worried about replacing the old windows, tearing out the crown molding or covering up the wood floor with Berber carpet. There are plenty of houses being built like that every day, but there is probably only one one just like yours~!!


3 comments on “Friday

  1. Will says:

    …but what if you lose a lot of heat in the winter due to poor insulation? I’d at least look at getting some antique looking dual pane windows to replace the originals and then have some insulation blown into your external walls, go in the attic and replace that old worthless insulation with R30 fiberglass… and then finally, caulk and seal around any holes open to the outdoors!! Doing this can make you a lean, green, less money spending machine that cares about nature and leaves a smaller footprint on this big beautiful ball we call our home! 🙂

    Love always, Will
    PS- I hope you liked the beer! 😉

  2. rondell says:

    Thanks so much for visiting:)
    What a quilter your are and they are so beautiful:)

  3. Colleen says:

    I Love your blog! Gorgeous! And I am also working on that particular Whimsicals quilt for my daughter :o) I have most of the blocks completed but need to put it all together. I had to do it a bit different because she wanted a bed quilt. I LOVE Whimsicals and have all their books and dream and think about making them :o)

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