Still working…

Well I haven’t been sewing much because shop hop is still going at work and by the time I get home it’s dinner and kids and that’s about it.  I did manage to make that zucchini bread, and YUMM it was good. =)

This weekend I am going to attempt …drum roll please…..Pumpkin cheesecake bars. Dang, I am blowing myself away with my baking prowess LOL. I have an awesome recipe for apple pie that I will share with you later in the fall when we go on our annual apple orchard trip with my Mom, Dad, and Brothers’ family.

Here is a picture of how my apron turned out:



It was picture day at school for my kiddletts so we went shopping yesterday for new dresses, these are the dresses they picked out:

My sweet little babies.

My sweet little babies.

 Patience is only in second grade and already she has a VERY good idea of what she wants to wear and what she does not.  I thought that didn’t happen until at least middle school!!! It was so much more fun when she would just let me pick all her clothes out!  Oh well at least Minate still lets me dress her.

Later gators!



6 comments on “Still working…

  1. OMG! You girls are stylin’…woo-Hoo! I think they take after you…maybe they have been watching you closer than you think, LOL! My son still lets me choose what he wears…TG! On days when I am too busy to have his clothes ready when he gets up, he chooses and it’s no coincidence we don’t have to leave the house for anything, hahahahaha!

  2. Oh how I miss the days of dressing my daughter with plaid and bows. I always tell her she still wear “Little House on the Prairie Dresses” if it were up to me. Beautiful daughters.

    Snazzy Apron… to pretty to get dirty cooking…

  3. Patti says:

    They are so cute – I am a traditionalist at heart – I love little girls in pink! Be glad she waited until second grade. I had a friend whose daughter insisted on picking out her own clothes by the time three was three. It was WAY easier to let her dress herself than fight with her every day. Sometimes she had on some VERY wierd combinations, but what the heck – you’re only little once – and when you are little and cute you can get away with almost anything .

  4. Awww, what cuties and great outfits for photos. DD had hers last week. I am hair-fixing challenged so she has to work that out herself. She is in 4th so she does her own clothes (with hints from mom).
    Cute apron. Looks quick to make – always a big plus. I’m assuming lined. A shop hop sounds fun to try. Lucky you drooling over, I mean working, with scrumptious fabrics all day.

  5. Kathi says:

    I love that both your girls coordinated their outfits! How fun. My 2 youngest (3rd and 2nd grade) often do the same thing trying to coordinate what they wear to school each day. Also your apron is darling.

  6. Will says:

    What a beautiful apron! I’d totally wear that if it said kiss the cook :p The zucchini bread sounds awesome and I can’t wait to hear how the pumpkin cheesecake bars turn out, I’m actually salivating just thinking about them! Please, for the love of all that is sweet and holy, send that recipe to Tammy 😉

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