A very primitive, frugal solution for my messy cupboard.

My old kitchen

My old kitchen

Okay I fibbed to myself a little when I said I don’t miss owning our old house. Well I don’t miss OWNING it, but I do miss living in it. I desperately miss my enormous kitchen.  We had lazy susans, pantries, and cupboard galore, with all the little slidy outie doors and modern conveniences. We had a dining room so my table and all my primitive furniture could have it’s very own spot. There was just SO much more room. I have been fretting over where I will put my Christmas trees this season. I used to put up 3 full sized trees, and many little ones.  I guess there won’t be anywhere to sit this holiday season cause chairs are gonna have to go before my trees are =)

My old dining room

My old dining room

In the spirit of rolling with the punches, one of my old cupboards that used to be in the family room at our old place, had to take on a new roll and become kitchen storage. There are like 3 cupboards in our town house kitchen, bummer.  I used to just fold quilts and put them in the bottom of this and decorate the top part seasonally, but now as you can see it’s new purpose is to hold food stuffs, and dishes that just wont fit anywhere else.

I was soooo sick of looking at this stuff. It just looks so messy and yucky. So today I couldn’t stand it any longer and decided to do something about it.  I got out my awesome super-tea-stained muslin and made a curtain for it.

Here is a little Fabulos Notionables #4 for you:

Its a hem helper that Ruth (I told you she was cool!) told me about. The other side has many lines with different measurements. You just fold your fabric to the line you want and press! It makes the perfect fold! I have used this baby many times. 



Here is how my little primitive curtain turned out! Viola…no more ugly food and dishes to look at ..ahhhhh. And it only cost me a dollar fifty. =)

Now that makes me happy =) And here is another thing that made me happy. While I was getting my little $1.50 curtain rod to hang the curtain, I picked up this new little rug for the front door. It was only 4 bucks, I couldn’t resist!


But here’s a thing that made me sad, when I tried to leave the store with my dollar fifty curtain rod and four dollar rug my car was DEAD!!! I tried to get a jump, but the battery just wasn’t feeling well.  We just finished paying off this car last year and since then it has been sick more than it has been well. Urggg. Its only 6 years old! They don’t make em like they used to, do they? So the ole grey car is still sitting in the parking lot, the BG picked me up and brought me home. We’ll have to buy a new battery tonight and go rescue it. So much for being frugal. =)~

Lator gators~! Melissa


4 comments on “A very primitive, frugal solution for my messy cupboard.

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear about the car battery. It’s hard to know what to hate most – getting stuck or having to spend $ on not-so-fun-but-necessary stuff.
    Your curtain looks great. You have a knack for displaying your cutesies.
    Never seen one of those hem helper thingys but I’m going to check them out.
    Your husband looks like he likes to joke a lot. Bet he keeps you and the girls laughing.

  2. Cindy says:

    Love how your primitive curtain turned out…and the Halloween rug is soo…cute, but sorry to hear about car battery. We are making our last paymment on our mini-van next month and I hope that it will be good for us. It seems that every time we pay a car off it stuff starts going wrong with it and we end up getting a new one…but it would be nice not to have a car payment for a little while.

  3. Screen door says:

    I was thinking before I read the complete post—“She need’s a curtain!!!’ I guess great minds run a like. My first kitchen had glass cuboards that I just couldn’t keep neat enough so I made calico curtains and they really cheered the room up. Bummer on the car. Still a battery is cheaper than a car note. Remember I’m a dog lover too.

  4. Darn, I hate when crap like that happens! Well, your new battery will outlive your car, if that’s any consolation!

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