Sony, Chris, and I. A love story.


I have always been a dog lover. When Chris and I were first married I decided I wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. Our conversation went something like this:


Melissa: Hey Chris, lets get a Jack Russell, they are sooo cute.

Chris: Are you nuts?

Melissa: No.

Chris: Absolutely not, I don’t want a dog.

Melissa: Pleeeeaaaassseee!

Chris: Let me think about it.


He always uses the “let me think about it” line when he is trying to get me to forget about it. I was relentless in my pursuit (as always.) He finally told me to do all the research about this breed of dog and then he would decided if he would join me in getting excited.  I bought 2 books on Jack’s and visited all the web sites I could find.  It probably wasn’t such a good idea as all the info I had gathered pointed in one direction: DON’T GET A JACK RUSSELL, unless:

  1. You are crazy.
  2. You have an enormous fenced in yard. A 20-foot impenetrable fence, that is.


Okay, okay we lived in a tiny 500 square foot cabin that we were renting. There were no fences, lots of wooded land with poison ivy growing everywhere and a lake. Okay, I will give up the dream. Chris was satisfied that the dog issue was dropped.


A month or two later Chris called me from his sister’s apt in Ann Arbor.


Chris: Are you sitting down?

Melissa: No

Chris: I have a Jack Russell for you.

Melissa: OMG!!! NO WAYYYYYY.


While he was getting the door for the pizza delivery guy, there was a girl standing there with a Jack on a leash. She was asking the pizza guy if he wanted to take the dog. She had just got back from the humane society, but they were closed.  She had paid $1000 for her, but she just couldn’t take care of her in the apt anymore. Chris told her, “ Oh no that is the dog that my wife wants. The exact coloring and everything. Let me call her.”


The next day we drove back to Ann Arbor to pick her up.  The girl told us her name was Sony. Sony was PERFECT!! The cutest dog I had ever seen =)


 That was 9 years ago this coming October. Since that time Sony has filled our lives with JOY, anger, craziness, LOVE, licking, chasing, barking, and happiness. She was our first daughter. She also is a testament to how my husband always tries to make me happy and how he always makes me feel loved and taken care of.


Here’s a conversation for a week or two ago:


Melissa: Honey, I think we should adopt another child. Maybe a baby.

Chris: Are you nuts?

Melissa: No

Chris: Let me think about it.



Later gators! Melissa


3 comments on “Sony, Chris, and I. A love story.

  1. Sara says:

    I want a shitzu – I’m still waiting – it’s been almost 2 years since I brought it up! Lucky you! Been asking to adopt for 6 years! And yeah, you should make your daughters costumes, but I certainly wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t! This is not something I want to do on a regular basis! AT ALL!!!

  2. I’m now in love with your husband, wanna trade? Mine is old (42 going on 60) and crabby (If you tell him I swear I’ll move in right next to you and tell him you’ve extended a permanent dinner invitation!), LOL!

  3. Megan says:

    OMG! Now I’m waiting for the post that says Chris calls you and asks if you are sitting down – and we get to throw a big ol’ virtual baby shower.

    Chris sounds like a sweet peach – I’ve got one of those, and they are sure nice to have around.

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