Bunch of sickies.

All my Sugars have colds, the BG, the girls, and so do I!! I guess that is one thing you can count on with the weather change and the kiddlets in school…GERMS! So not too much happening here at the Lussier Town House today. I am stuffing everyone full of Orange Juice and vitamin C.

I did manage to machine quilt and put bindings on a few things. I went and picked up some mums, and pumpkins, and cornstalks OH MY and slap em outside on the porch. Here is a picture. That is the neighbor girl on the steps. She is ALWAYS at our door!! We end up feeding her alot =)



I  finished up the last of the christmas cottage blocks for the exchange and will be mailing them off to Nanette this week.

I think I am now ready to move onto Christmas projects and presents this week in the sewing room. I will post pictures as I go.

Later Gators! Melissa

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5 comments on “Bunch of sickies.

  1. Melody says:

    Awww, I’m sorry you and yours are sicky-germy. Hope you all feel better soon.

    Your porch looks really Autumny/Halloweenie cute.

  2. Linda says:

    So sorry you all are not feeling well! Get some rest & I hope you all feel better soon!
    Your porch looks wonderful! Love the pumpkin quilt!
    We have quite a few neighborhood children that conveniently stop over at supper time! lol As much as sometimes I get a tad irritated, I am so very happy that they feel they can come over and are comfortable in our home! And… when I am baking… they have to help if they want any of it! LOL
    Congratulations on winning the “Love your ugly mug award!” (http://thebitchystitcher.blogspot.com/) 🙂

  3. Sara says:

    I’m sorry your all sick! That stinks when no one feels good and everyone is probably whiney on top of it! But your front door looks great! I wish I could do that with mine, but we live so far out and really have no front porch. I do love that pumpkin hanging!

  4. You are so wicked! You entice friends to come over with your dazzling Fall display and WHAM! You get them with the germs….you are so bad, LOL!
    Hope you feel better soon, and stop trying to trick your friends!

  5. Patti says:

    Love your entry decorations! Sure wish I had a porch so I could extend mine outside. Looks like you made the same wallhanging that I did!

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