Apple Orchard Traditions

Hello bloggy friends!  We had our annual family outting to the Apple Orchard yesterday. It was uncharacteristically HOT outside!! I had the girls all dressed up warmly in long sleeved shirts and sweaters because it was a bit chilly when we left the house to go to my Mom’s house. But by the afternoon it was a swealtering 80 degrees!!! In October!! In Michigan!!!! Insane. We were all sweating by the end of the day.


We go every year with my Mom and Dad (gramma and poppa bob to the girls,) and my brother Mark and his family (Vannessa, Zack, Karlee, and Piper…Chelsea stayed home this year, teenagers are too cool for school ya know.) We ALWAYS start out with just getting the warm homemade doughnuts and fresh apple cider and just sitting down and enjoying it. The BG always gets the pumpkins seeds too.

Patience, Piper, Minate, and Me

 Then it’s off to pick the apples.  This year the Empire, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, and Ida Reds were ready for picking. My favorite is always the Empire apples. They have such a fabulous crunchy, tart bite. The Golden delicious were also outstanding this year. They have a sweeter, more pear like taste. YUMMMM.
Here are some apple picking pictures:
They have a little pond here at this orchard with the HUGEST catfish.
Vannessa (my SIL) and Karlee (my niece) talked me into going through the haunted house! I hate getting scarred, but I did it anyway so I wouldn’t be a party pooper =)  I got lost once and was scarred out of my shorts. There was one poor worker that had to do all the scarring, and he must have jumped out at us 20 times!!!
It was a beautiful day, more like a summer day than a fall day, but hey I will take it. Some years we get rained on, so I won’t complain.
Now we have a TON of apples and have to get making some apple pies, applesauce, and anything else apple we can think of. =)


Later Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “Apple Orchard Traditions

  1. Oh, Melissa. Thank you for having that 80 degree day because ours was only in the 70’s and down right cold (to us) last night at a local fiesta. Looks like your outing was lots of fun and a beautiful day.

    Melody – p.s. Make me a pie too would you please. You can just e-mail it. 🙂 I wish!

  2. Kathi says:

    Looks yummy and fun to me. What’s your family’s favorite kind of snacking apple. We’re always trying different ones. Enjoy the warmth, we’ve been so cold here this past weekend. I’m definitely not ready for winter.

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