It’s Here!!!

Okay, Okay I know it’s probably too early for SOME people to start having Christmas on the mind….but I don’t know if you know this about me?  I was born a Christmas elf (yep thats right!) so it’s never too early for me =)  I have been sewing away on Christmas presents this weekend.


Besides the obvious chill in the air and a strong desire to hear Christmas tunes, a sure sign that the Holidays are coming is when my FAVORITE treat in the WORLD becomes available at the grocery store.  Peppermint Mocha cream is here!!! Yipppppeeeee! If you haven’t tried this you should, just don’t buy it in Battle Creek, MI please, cause our stores always run out early =( What could be more tasty in your morning coffee, shoot why not noon and evening coffee  too!


So here are some shots of how my little checkbook covers are turning out for some girly Christmas presents. 3 down 9 to go!!



 Thank you to the person who wrote this tutorial (linked in the post below)! It is so fun to do. I decided to nix the wallet pattern I bought.  I wanted to make little credit/debit card holders to go with them and switch the lining and outer fabrics around so they have a coordinating little set. But I wanted EASY.

So I made up the easiest little wallet one could possibly make. And I will put a tutorial for it in a post in the next day or two. I need to tweek it a little so the next one I make, I will take pictures and put a little step by step for anyone who might want to make one.

Here’s the first mistake filled one:

I had a little trouble attaching the snap,  I put the “cornbread and beans” tag in the wrong spot (you can see it when you close the flap) PLUS I put the wrong two fabrics together so it doesn’t match any of the checkbook covers I made. ARGG thats what you get for sewing late at night. HEHEHE.

 Instead of tossing it I decided to keep it and put all my little snap making tools and snaps in it to keep it organized.









I also used some Whimsicals fabric that I bought from work that was the “end of the bolt” to make some towels for the kitchen. I always feel sorry for that last piece of fabric at the end of the bolt, so I usually buy it (hey it’s 30% off!!) and throw it in my stash. Not to mention that it will match my wallhanging from the previous post =)


So now I am off to take the girls braids out…it’s way overdue see:

 But it just takes SOOOOO long to do it I always put it off.

Later Gators!! Melissa

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8 comments on “It’s Here!!!

  1. Colleen says:

    You have been a busy elf!! Very cute :o)

  2. OK, I’m lovin’ those fancy schmancy labels…I need some of those for my projects! You must tell us where you get those; I’m sure i/m not the only one that wants to know. Do tell! Oh, and I did not see a warning about the pornographic content in this post. Is that Tyra butt nak’id? HMMM. This was an adults only post, eh? LOL!

  3. No you are right. It is way too early to think about Christmas. In our family we have decided, due to the economic situation, that only the children will receive gifts this year. We all have everything we need anyway.

  4. Good idea to make a set. I needed some neighbor gifts and these sets would be great. The checkbook cover could be a date planner cover instead. What would be a good 3rd item? Some kind of coin purse maybe?

    I like the way you can hide your tv. See what pictures show. 🙂

    Your girlie-girls are cuties. Wearing coats too! I wish! 95 here today.

    Coffee sounds good right now. Should I make a pot?

  5. Oooh, oooh. How about adding a cell phone holder. Bet it could be adjusted from your credit card holder.


    p.s. I think about Christmas gifts all year long and have a little spot way back in the closet that things are hidden in. Sometimes those little stocking stuffers or little gifts can run the most money when you wait until the last minute. Stuffing the stockings is one of my (oops, I mean Santa’s) favorite things to do.

  6. Nanette says:

    I’ve been thinking the same things you are. Time to get sewing for Christmas. Love the little holders you made. They are so cute.

  7. virtualquilter says:

    …..but have you got the decorations up?
    I volunteered to get mine up early (this Sunday) and open the house to raise funds for local hospital, so I am surrounded by all the trims of a country Christmas. And will be until 6th Jan. Could be sick of it by then!

  8. Patti says:

    Oh – I’ve not seen that in the stores around here yet! I’m already on my third bottle of Pumpkin Spice creamer – my second favorite! And you are so right – the stores sell out of them so quickly. I bought enough last year to last me through February – I indended to buy more but they completely sold out two weeks before Christmas! Sure wish both flavors came in fat free – now that I’m doing Weight Watchers I have to count a point for every mug full of coffee I drink!

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