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OH NO!! I totally spaced my appointment with the machine quilter today!!! She called at 2:30pm and asked me where I was?? Opps! So she graciously said that I could come tomorrow and drop off my store sample I need quilted, and another one from my HUGE PILE of tops. If  I ever hit the lottery I am going to hire my very own personal machine quilter so I never have a wait time =)   I mean I can quilt the little ones, but I have no desire to cripple myself quilting my bigs ones.

I worked on putting my 30’s repro blocks together for the shop today. I really enjoyed working with 30’s prints this past year.  Now it’s time to choose what I want to do for my employee block a month for 2009. WOW 2009 yikes.  I think I need to get back to my roots (brown, brown, and more brown). Although bright happy fabrics are fun sometimes I really am a prim girl at heart.  So I probably will do blocks using Whimsicals fabric.


So ANYWAY I decided to put the blocks on point and so I thought I would share:


The Setting Triangle

This little guy is soooo cool. You just measure the block size (mine were mostly…cough cough…12 1/2 inch blocks) So you look at the 12 1/2 inch line follow it to the middle of the ruler where it tells you what strip size you need.  Then you line your ruler up on the 12 1/2 inch line and cut! I love anything that takes the math out of quilting =)


2 comments on “Cool Tool

  1. Kathi says:

    I always struggle putting my blocks on point and try to remember some secret formula I learned years ago. This is a great tip and I’ll definitely be looking for that ruler. Thanks.

  2. Sara says:

    I love my setting triangle. And I really like the new look of the blog! I like those blocks too! THey look great!

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