Ahhh Done and Brrrrr too!

Oh my, it’s freeeeeezing in Michigan this morning! I know it’s going to warm up today, but I hope it hurries up. I even, GASP, turned the heat on so that the girls and I don’t have ice sickles on our noses while we are getting ready for school.

I know we will be busy tonight carving pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween, so I thought I would post the Sassafras quilt top before I take it to work today.  It was pretty dark last night when I finished it so the colors are a bit off.

It was a fun little pattern, and I know some little girl in the family will love it when it is done being a sample at the shop. Oh and good news, my boss is going to give me a coupon code so that if anyone who reads this blog ever wants the notions or kits that I post can buy it off her website for a discount. Cool huh? I will post it when she gives it to me.

I am sooo excited to put the fall stuff away this weekend and get out the snowmen and winter stuff, maybe even a tree or two will be popping up around the house (wink.)

Also the novel writing project I am doing for the month of November starts this Saturday. Yikes, I am a tad nervous, not sure I will make the 50,000 word goal, but it will be interesting to try.

Have a lovely day, later gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “Ahhh Done and Brrrrr too!

  1. That is beautiful. I am surprised we didn’t have snow as it was down in the twenties last night and it had rained earlier in the day. I am glad we didn’t as we have not raked the leaves yet.

  2. Love the Sassafras quilt! Different fabrics make it look so different from the original quilt but just as pretty. Lucky little girl who gets it :^)
    The only thing I have to say about snow is WAIT! not just yet please! Good luck with your writing project!

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