Sheww long day.

I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned today. But I still didn’t make it to the upstairs…ugg.  So tomorrow I will tackle that.

I really wanted to start putting up some winter stuff, but I needed a clean, dust free palette. I loaded up a Christmas C.D. and got to work early this morning. I threw out the pumpkins and cornstalks, folded up all the fall quilts, and took down all the fall decorations.

I did get a couple boxes of snowmen out and hung up some winter quilts. I never realized how many more fall quilts I have compared to winter quilts…gotta get to work on that =)

Here are some pic’s of a couple that I did hang up today ( more pics of others coming soon):



And I was so excited to recieve some Park Slope fat quarters that I ordered from Etsy.  It was in the mail box yesterday!!! How fun to get fabric in the mail box. =) I am going to use them for christmas presents.

So I am gonna go kick back and read for what is left of the evening. I have about 100 pages left in the last book of the Twilight series. I must say I am pretty darn bored with it, but I have to find out how it ends now after all that, LOL.  I will be hitting the library and the book store tomorrow to stock back up on reading material for the coming week.

I plan to do more decorating after I finish cleaning, perhaps I can snap some pic’s and post em!!

Later Gators!


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8 comments on “Sheww long day.

  1. Hey– I made the Thimbleberries quilt also… usually hangs behind the Christmas tree. Cute Snowmen. I love what you do with windows. I have to find one to transform… Have fun this weekend.

  2. My gosh you are just too motivated! Looking forward to your decorating pics Ms. Motivation. 🙂 I know they will be the cutest.

    I was so surprised to be looking for a radio station today and heard Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer. Listened for a minute to see why so early and they were actually playing holiday songs all day! Whoa. You must have been in sync with them. I like them best in July with no stress involved.

    And it was a stinking 90 some degrees again today. I’m so sick of it! Crying big crocodile tears here – the cactus could use the water.

  3. Kathi says:

    Wow, you’re a whole month ahead of me. I took down anything that looked Halloweenish, but left anything with a fall look. I take down Fall the day after Thanksgiving. But I have to admit I listened to a little bit of Christmas music today and loved it!

  4. You are a busy bee! Love your winter quilts especialy the first pic of the snowmen. Are you surprised? LOL Looking forward to seeing the rest of your winter quilts

  5. Sara says:

    Wow, Christmas already. I am not quite there yet, though I have started shopping! I love snowmen and love that snowman quilt!
    I picked up the last book in the Twilight series the other day – I hope I enjoy it, I love the other ones!
    And those fat quarters are great – I would probably have to keep them for myself!

  6. Cindy says:

    Love the snowmen in the window. Well, I love them all, but I’m just alittle snowman crazy!!
    I was thinking today that I need to get my Halloween stuff put away. Glad to hear that someone else is thinking Christmas…my girls make fun of me because I listen to Christmas music while I make my items for the shows that are coming up. They say it’s too early, but not to me…after all I am making things for Christmas Shows.

  7. Darling!!! I love your style!

  8. Nanette says:

    All the winter things are darling. And that fabric – wowie. I love it. You did such a good job on your cottages. They were exceptional, really.

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