I’m a Decorating Maniac!

So after cleaning and dusting like my Mother in law was coming over for dinner (she wasn’t) I have managed to cover the floors with bits of twigs, leaves, floral foam, etc. in my decorating cyclone =)

I am not nearly finished, it usually takes a week or two to get everything just right. I haven’t put the Christmas trees up (the big ones anyway) yet. So I will just post a few things to show you what I have been up to.

I like to include some outdoor elements in my shelf swags because I don’t use real pine boughs (although I am going to one year I swear!) Usually I would go into my own garden and pick some leaves and herbs and things, but since I don’t have a garden anymore (cry) I had to improvise. I found some hydrangea outside the bookstore that was almost dried all up. I had picked some of their little stash of dried bushes before so I snagged some to decorate with this year.

I made this arrangment to sit on top of the t.v cabinet out of an old tool box. I just filled it with greenery and doo dads.


This one I made from a cheese box, gruby candles, and rusty bells.


And here are a couple of little arrangments I made using rusty tin cups:


I am going to tackle the stair railing next, I think I will have to hang our stockings there since my fireplace mantle wouldn’t fit in our tiny living room.  So I better be off. Lots to do!!


 I saw this sign at Menards while I was buying a new tree stand yesterday. I had to have it for my sewing room door!!  As soon as I am done with all the initial decorating I plan to head up to my elfshop and get to sewing!!!

Lator Gators!



7 comments on “I’m a Decorating Maniac!

  1. How blessed your girls are to have you— every kid loves Christmas… I see your photos and hear Christmas Music in the background :)….From your posts, I gather you’ve moved to a new home. Even good changes are tough. Will this be your first Chrismas there?

  2. Wow! How ambitions and cozy! I love all the decorating, but particularly love the T.V. scene!
    You are truley talented!!

  3. But I think you enjoy every minute of it! Enjoy it! Love the cheese box, reminds me of my grandfather who was in the creamery business and entered competitions to see who was the best butter maker in Canada in the 1920’s (he actually won one year, kewl eh?) Cheers, QGB

  4. Woe..I thought I had the wrong blog! You changed it…looks great! But that’s not why I stopped by. I wanted to remind you that IT’S FALL, Missy! Didn’t you forget something? (Hint: Gobble,Gobble!)
    You are so bad! You need to stop all this jingle bell-ing right away…or move to NH and live through six months of gray skies, shovel four feet of snow in one month and then rethink that Xmas in November thing, LOL! And No, Santa will not be bringing you extra presents just because you started decorating in FALL, so stop the Christmas Craziness, right now.
    Oh, I just remembered I need to buy a new shovel…LOL!

  5. Man, oh, man. It’s looking a lot like Christmas! The rusty bell arrangements and the rusty tin cups are my favs. Did you rust them yourself or happen across them?

    Any Christmas trees up yet?

    It’s cooling down here – only in the 70’s today and that is putting me more in the Fall/Christmas mood. Yippee! Give me that snow! or rain or hail or anything but heat.

  6. Whitey says:

    Wow you are doing Christmas already looks great and I am jealous.

  7. Cindy says:

    Love all the Holiday decorating that you’ve been doing!! It looks great.
    I took down all my fall stuff yesterday, but won’t get my Christmas/Winter decorating started until after my craft shows this month. If I do purchase anything at one of the shows, it will go out on display right away…And I have been listening to some Christmas music as I’ve been making items for my Christmas Shows.

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