A New Day

I don’t know about you, but I am filled with love for our country today. That we should have the privilege of voting , that we should be so blessed to change leadership peacefully, that we are FREE.

I was so overwhelmed last night watching the election coverage. I couldn’t hold it in.  The tears started flowing down my cheeks at about 11pm and didn’t stop till after the President elects’ powerful and amazing acceptance speech. I cried for Mr. McCain who fought a good fight and was so humble and poised. I cried for all of the people who worked so hard for the Republican campaign and how disappointed they must feel.  I cried for African American and minority citizens of this great country who must be feeling triple of anything that I was feeling. I can never pretend to know what this election means to them.

Okay I AM a Republican and after MUCH MUCH MUCH painstaking deliberation voted as such, but who can not be moved to tears and so very proud of  Mr. Obama and his family?  When they annouced last night, ” Ladies and Gentleman, the new first family of the United States,” and this was the image we saw:



There are just no words. I am in awe. History in the making and to be alive to see it!!!! May God bless this man, our new President, and his family. May God guide him and be with him. Amen.

On the quilt-y front. I worked on machine quilting a new Christmas table runner. I used a pattern out of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and Peace on Earth jelly roll from Moda.:





For this project I used these little  2 1/2″ Stripers rulers, perfect for jelly roll strips.  You can make many different blocks with the three templates included. Love em! I will put them up on the Quilt N Go website when I go into work tomorrow if you want em and can’t find em.



I also tried my hand at “echoing” around the letters in my Let It Snow quilt. Yikes it’s harder than it looks!!


HAHAHAHA it kind of looks like I tried to quilt left handed with a blind fold on!!!! Go ahead laugh…get it all out. =)~ Guess I better stick to meandering for now. hehehe


Have a great day people! Later Gators, Melissa



7 comments on “A New Day

  1. Goosie Girl says:

    Very nicely put. I too pray that God will use this man and his family for His Glory.

    I like your letters. To me they spell “fun” and add a little smile. They’re very cute.

  2. I am totally bummed that I can’t see your quilting up close! Now how can I tease you if I can’t see it? You did that on purpose, eh? LOL!
    Oh, and on the election…OK, so this is a little embarrassing but when I went to vote,(I was so freakin’ excited, it was ridiculous, LOL!) I had to take a minute to compose myself when the greeter asked me if I was registered or needed to register. I felt like I was going to start crying right there and then. It was so weird… all of a sudden I looked at all the booths with their red, white and blue striped fabric curtains and the gleaming floors of the gym and everyone was so quiet…it just overwhelmed me. I don’t think it really mattered what party you voted for, in the end it was just a history in the making. And Mc Cain’s speech was so dignified…ugh, don’t get me started. What a guy!
    Thanks for sharing your point of view, I love reading what women think of this whole new time we are living in. Seems like men always get their point of view in the papers…we have to blog-hop to see what real women think! Big hug, B=)

  3. I was going to say the same thing about the echo quilting that Brenda said. We need a close-up to see whether we should laugh or not. I’ll bet it’s just fine and you are being too hard on yourself.

    The election… It was so emotional. McCain was awesome in his speech and I had much respect for him. He has the right mindset – get behind the new president and back him up. Build up not tear down. Obama’s speech was so inspiring, so hopeful, and strong. We needed someone strong and he appears to be the man to me.

    You are so right, Melissa! It was wonderful to see the “new” first family. Tears here too.

  4. jackie says:

    This was a great election with so many people voting and we should all be proud of our country. This new president has a big job ahead of him and although I did not vote for him, I am hoping he can turn things around.

    Love all your decorations so far. I don’t start with Xmas until the week of Thanksgiving – have to be fair to the turkey – but I am thinking about it and planning.

  5. Pam says:

    Hi, Melissa. First, to answer your question, no I don’t have a shop. I’m having an open house in about 3 weeks. I do make some things for myself and for gifts, too. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Our new president has a very tough job ahead of him and he is in my prayers. Enjoy your day.


  6. Sara says:

    I did vote for Obama, and am fairly happy with my choice. I know alot of people who are disapointed that he won and think that he is a terrorist. I personally don’t feel that way. I do feel bad for McCain, he fought a good fight.

    I love all your work, its so good, and in your previous posts, your decorating – well, you wanna come decorate my house?

  7. Shanna Ragan says:

    I am new to your blog and I am so glad I stopped by!! I feel the same way you do about the election but just didn’t know how to put it into words. You expressed it perfectly! I look forward to reading more of your blog and seeing all of your great projects!! Love your table runner!

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