Crafting, Shopping, AND a giveaway!

Hello my Bloggity-blog friends!

Guess what? I saw snow flakes today!! Yep, that’s right. Actual snow fell today all the way a week into November! When I was a kid it would already be covering the ground by now. Whimpy snow!! What is wrong with you? Hurry up and cover the ground already!!

Blackbird Primitives had their Christmas open house today.  So I of course had to go and see what adorable things they had displayed.  I am really thinking their stuff is on the expensive side for prim’s…but they are handmade, so I do feel good to buy something from someone who lovingly crafted it.

Remember the harvest mouse I got last time I went?  Here is my fancy link if you wanna go see it. ( I don’t want to take the time to write in html…sigh)

Well I really think I love the stuff that ladies makes. I am in love with her little mice. So I bought another one that I think I am going to use in a stocking project I am cooking up. Please excuse my daughters art work, she has been toting this picture around for a week showing it to everyone??? Today alone she has placed it in at least 4 different spots in the living room. Might she be a budding decorator? I think she might =)



I also bought this little santa crow:



AND some silicone candle lights for one of the baby trees:


Then I tooled around town and picked up some stuff I need for crafting. When I got home I started melting candle wax to dip my candy canes in. I got a tutorial off of This Simple Life’s blog on how to make grubby candy canes so I am excited to see how they turn out. And The Pickled Pepper Patch had a how-to on sparkly candy canes.

Here is my progress:



The plain muslin ones will be dipped in wax and covered with cinnamon, and the ones with the red ticking will get a coat of glass glitter. I also needed some chenille candy canes for some projects I am cooking up so I picked up some pipe cleaners from the dollar store and twisted them up. And of corse they needed to get “primed” up a bit so I sprayed them with Distress It. This stuff is soooo cool!! For small projects it’s so nice rather than making a huge dye batch you can just spray it where you want it.



I better go before the wax cools off =) Later Gators! Melissa



Sandy at For the Love of Prims is hosting a 100th post giveaway. It looks like such an awesome bundle of handmade goodness!!!


2 comments on “Crafting, Shopping, AND a giveaway!

  1. Oh that tree is to die for! I am lovin’ that tree! Now if you only scooched over a tad so we could see your finished quilt haging on the wall there… All the progress was nice but the finished product would have given us “closure”. You l know how shrinks are always advocating “closure”…eh?
    I thought of you yesterday as I shamelessly bought myself the new Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CD and played it full blast in the SUV. Then when I got home I put it back in the case and tucked it away for “xmas”, hahaha! I’m so bad!

  2. Kathi says:

    Love it all. Where do you find Distress It? Using it for small projects sounds very appealing to me.

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