I Love Monday!


Ahhhh , the kids are safe and snug in school and the Brooding Genius is tucked away at work, the house is quiet as a mouse, and I am in sheer bliss!!! I love Mondays =)  Not that I don’t adore my family, but I am just one of those solitary kinda people. I crave alone time sometimes. Plus aren’t you just so much more productive when you have some hours to yourself? I am. It’s hard to clean around people, and I feel a smidge guilty locking myself away in the elf workshop (sewing room) when everyone needs me to do this, do that, make me a sandwich, tie my shoe, my sister HIT ME!!!! ETC. But as of right now I have 4 more glorious hours of doing whatever I WANT!!

Look what came in the mail today!! I ordered some wood signs off of Blacksheep Prims store. Here is her blog:






Aren’t they de-lish? I love them. They are so well done! As you can see I already had a place to hang one, and the next two are awaiting their new home. She also sent two scrumptious smelling christmas scented tarts as a thank-you for my order, How COOOOL! Thank YOU!



I finished my candy canes that I was working on. They turned out sweeeeeet. Here is one arrangement I made using the wax dipped ones for my kitchen:


Now I have kind of a theme going on with this little grater I purchaed last year:


Ohhh and for those of you who dought my love of Thanksgiving ahem  Brenda!! http://pumpkinpatchprimitivequiltshoppe.blogspot.com/…..seeeeeee I have a turkey quilt still hanging up in the kitchen there! LOL

Here is a little stocking that I bought from the same crafter, it dresses up my old kitchen gadgets that used to hang from a ladder that was hanging on the ceiling in our old dinning room. I still think I might get the BG to hang it from the ceiling in our tiny kitchen. It’s so fun to decorate ladders!



Oh whats that you say? This is a QUILT blog? NOT a Christmas decorating blog?  I have nothing on the quilt front cause I have been ELF crazy. But here is a quilt I hung up that I made last year. She is a Christmas chick(what else? heheh), complete with wool applique bits and cotton applique bits.



Later Gators! Melissa

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3 comments on “I Love Monday!

  1. Cindy says:

    Quilt Blog or Christmas Decorating Blog? Does not matter to me…cause I just love your blog anyway!!
    Your candycanes came out great!
    I know the feeling of Mom do this, Mom do that…My youngest is about to turn 22 year old in three weeks and she still wants me to do this or that and go here or there with her. So it’s great when I get a chance to have some alone time! Well…not totally alone ~ cause it is me and my sewing machine!!
    Hope you got alot done in your 4 hours.

  2. What turkey quilt? You big tease! You didn’t show the quilt, you were showing off some more jingle bells “stuff”. You are so bad! I love that Xmas chick though, she’s so cute! And the signs? Well, I’ve got a thing for signs myself so I’m heading to the sign place now to see what I might “need:, LOL!

  3. Mary Flynn says:

    I’m the same…..love my Monday mornings. I just have one left home with me and so it isn’t like he is really in the way of my cleaning or quilting….but it is the simple silence of just the sounds of ME! Your blog is absolutely adorable and I’ve marked it to return to. Christmas vs Quilts….doesn’t matter…you have a sweet little blog!

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