WOOO HOOOO They’re Here! and some folk sayings on the side.

My Christmas Cottages from the block exchange came in the mail today!


I wanted to say an old saying that my childhood friend Bobby used to say, ” I’m happier than a three peckered billygoat.” But then I thought to myself  Self, you know that is a bit crass.  So I decided to look up “happier than…” sayings, and you know, they are ALL kind of crass.

Here is a little sampling of what is out there on some folk saying sites:

happier than a tornado in a trailer park

happier than a pig in s***

happier than a dead hog in the sunshine (what?? how can a dead hog be happy???)

happier than a possum at pokeberry time (hehehe I like that one)

happier than a dog with two di**s

happier than a hound dog on a bare leg

Jeeesh, you get the picture.  So suffice it to say, I was as excited as a kid at Christmas!

I love them all! Everyone was so creative, and every block is unique and lovely!!!

Thank you so much Nanette and Terri for running this block exchange. It was my first ever, and I would definately do another. In fact I want to do another RIGHT NOW!! LOL

I didn’t make my block because I wanted to see what I might need to add when I received the exchange blocks. Here is my idea of what I will do with them.

I will make a little wall hanging out of these nine for my sewing room:


Then I will make my block with a blue sky and use that one and these two to make a table runner:




later gators, Melissa


9 comments on “WOOO HOOOO They’re Here! and some folk sayings on the side.

  1. Jennifer says:

    Those are so stinkin’ cute! Do you have the pattern that you could share? I’d love to make some and do a swap. I’ve never done one but those are just too cute to pass up. Thanks for sharing! Jennifer

  2. I love your cottages! I think you picked a good swap for your first time :^) I haven’t taken the plunge, yet, but one day, maybe in the new year…

    Loved reading your sayings although I’ve only heard of one of them….

  3. valerie says:

    I have never done a swap. I hope to get involved more this upcoming year. These cottages are gorgeous!!!

  4. cherry says:

    Pretty pretty things. I love the background Christmas decorating too!!

  5. Nanette says:

    Oh Melissa, this post made me laugh outloud. I loved the sayings but I admit my favorite was the first – the happy Goat! haha Seriously funny.

    I’m glad you are happy with the cottages. They are so cute. I am going to start sewing mine together Saturday. Fun stuff. Really fun stuff.

  6. rachel says:

    your cottages look SO cute.
    i like the idea of doing the blue ones in a table runner.

    i still haven’t gotten mine…hoping they come today!!!
    *fingers crossed*

  7. Hey Melissa!
    I see you got one of my bright cottages and I got most of the ones you received, but I didn’t get one of yours!

    Would you consider swapping with me? One for one? I could send you another cottage, in other colors or just some fabric.

  8. mary burns says:

    I received your cottage block and I just wanted to say Thank you! Hugs, Mary

  9. Ginny says:

    I jus found you blog and love it! The blocks from the exchange are really neat! I also got such a chuckle out of the “happier than” sayings! The goat was was great, I had never heard that one! I have to share my favorite one, Happier than a clam in high tide!

    Have a wonderful evening,

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