Sock Hop


I pulled out all my Christmas socks today. I just woke up and said, “World, today I unleash upon you my extensive collection of Christmas footware.”

Now I am not a crazy woman, I know to start out modest, subdued if you will. I think these say Hey I know I am a Christmas sock, but I am NOT an in your face Christmas sock. I am subtle, yet festive.


You might ask yourself why does Melissa own a million pairs of Christmas socks? The answer my friend is she doesn’t even know herself, but darn it she is gonna wear them now because in 40 some days she can’t wear them again for a WHOLE YEAR!!!

In other news.

I picked up some fabrics at work today to make my friend Penny a tree skirt.  She is the sweetest, most generous person. I hope she likes it!! I am using some of this and some from my stash. ARGG and here I  was going to try to leave work today without buying anything! HA what a joke….someone call a doctor ’cause I have FABRIC FEVER!!!


Then after work I ran over to another quilt shop and picked up some “Isn’t Christmas Jolly”  fabric to use to set my cottage blocks. I thought this line would work well with the colors in the blocks. Can’t wait to put it together =)



Later Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “Sock Hop

  1. Kim says:

    I see nothing wrong with a Christmas sock collection. In fact, those are mighty cute and I feel sock envy coming on. What are your most dazzling, ready-to-party-please-pass-the-eggnog pair? Do you have any suited for a Victorian Christmas Tea? How about the annual holiday potluck at work? Inquiring minds want to know — AND SEE — your entire collection!!!

  2. My d-i-l has kitty shoes too and I always threaten to swipe them from her. Hmmm, what size do you wear? ha
    Oh, yeah, cute sockies too. Still wearing sandals here. My Christmas socks don’t get much use.

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