Come into my boudoir



I think we’ve known each other long enough for me to invite you into my bedroom don’t you? I mean, jessh, I have been blogging since August, we are well past the “get to know you” stage. =)

I just thought I would share some pictures of it so you know that my WHOLE house isn’t  packed full of folk art bits and bobs. I do have ONE room in the house that is sparsely decorated  with soft, soothing colors. It’s quite a contrast to how I decorate my “living” areas.

This is a pic of the mantle my Dad made for me the first year the BG and I were married. The mirror I made out of an old picture frame I found at a salvage junk shop and had the glass cut to fit. I have pretty frilly white curtains , but for some reason I still haven’t hung them up since we moved here. Gotta do that. And the candlelier  I got at a garden shop a few years ago and used to hang from my pergola in my garden. It usually has candles in it LOL and a “scarf” from the wire it’s hanging from, guess I have some work to do in there!!




Here is the bed where all the “Magic” happens LOL!!!! There are 3, yes three feather beds on that baby, a down comforter AND a warm cozy quilt.



And here is where my clothes and all the stuff that makes me smell good live:



So this weekend I think I will be giving this room it’s Christmas makeover- stay tuned for pics.

Of course I need to put a binding on this quilt that I got back from the quilters yesterday first!  This is a Thimbleberries Christmas top that my friend Penny gave me.  I think she didn’t like the fabric in the middle?? Or maybe she just gave it to me because I liked it, she is like that! Sweet girl I am tellin’ ya. Anyway, it’s going on my kitchen table as soon as I bind it. I think is looks like old fashioned Christmas. Makes me feel like stringing some popcorn and cranberries right now!!



Later Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “Come into my boudoir

  1. jackie says:

    Thanks for letting us snoop around your house. I have been thinking about a mantle for in the bedroom we are painting this weekend. Have to check out the local antique store tomorrow. Question?? A few posts back you could see what looked like an old ladder off to the side – do you display quilts on it. I’m looking for a way to display multiple quilts, so they are not packed in a closet or drawer. Any suggestions..

  2. What? NO picture of you in your lacy nightdress? And your pumps with the little feathers on top? Man…I thought that was coming for sure! Are you sure that room is in your house? It looks like it belongs to someone else, it’s way too shabby for you. You need a makeover. I could not hang out in my flannel pj’s in that room…oh wait, now I know why you’re BG is so prone to “let me think about it”…HMMM< there is some lace and feathers hidden in there somewhere…oops, never mind. I didn’t think “the magic” was literal but now I’m beginning to get the picture…hmmmm. You’re so fresh! LOL!

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