Sunday in the elf workshop


Well as the weekend winds down, the excitement in the Lussier Townhouse rev’s up.

What is so exciting you ask?  Projectile vomiting.

That’s right Mr. Flu bug strikes again, this time getting my youngest daughter Minate. Poor little sugar butt. She is laying on the couch upstairs with some Vernor’s (Michigan ginger-ale for those of you out of state.) And every now and then the BG gets to hold her head while she does the deed. I can’t do it, cause I will instantly join her.  But I can console her afterwards and wash the pillow cases and disinfect everything in the house in the after math.  I love Lysol disinfectant wipes. I am convinced that is why I haven’t gotten it yet.

Grandma was taking the kids to the movies today, but as poor little Te’ was too sick to go, only  Patience got to go. They saw Madagascar 2. She said she liked it.

Oh I forgot to mention that the BG and I went on a date Friday night! It was really weird being in the car alone with him. We haven’t been alone in SOOOO long.  I felt super giddy and free. First we took the girls out to dinner with us, then we dropped them off at their Aunt Andrea and Uncle Luke’s house.  We went to see Twilight.  Definitely not his choosing, but mine.  I had been looking forward to staring at Edward for awhile now, so he obliged. (sweet husband)

We were the only adults in the theater, at least the only ones without teenage girls there.  But we had fun listening to the giggles, squeals, and swoons.  Edward the vampire was indeed beautiful.

In between my life I have been doing some sewing this weekend. I got the two tree skirts done and will be taking Penny’s to the quilt shop tomorrow so she can pick it up next time she works. Mine is already around the tree it was intended for.

Here is the other project I started:


This little poinsettia basket wall hanging is from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. It’s an old December issue. I have kept about 4 years of these magazines, and every now and then I look through them and see a quick project I want to do.

I am doing mine with a tan buggy barn fabric background and all hand-dyed wools for the applique bits.



I am going to machine blanket stitch them down, which I usually wouldn’t do. But today I just want someting  fast and easy.

Lator Gator’s !! Melissa

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2 comments on “Sunday in the elf workshop

  1. Sara says:

    Hope your poor little girl feels better soon! Glad the BG is there to help out! I would love to see Twilight, Edward, what a man! I’m just afraid to be disappointed since I loved the book so much! By the way, your house is so absolutely beautiful! Someday (after the boys) mine will look like that!

  2. Joanna says:

    OK that is too funny about the date with your hubby. I feel the same way – when we get to go on a date together, which isn’t nearly often enough if you ask me, it feels so strange to be in his car, and without kids. I always feel like I have forgotten something!

    And what a good hubby going to see Twilight with you. I don’t know if I could con my hubby into that lol!!!

    BTW I went to Brenda’s house last night:) Jealous?!! hehe 🙂 She really is as generous and kind in real life as she is in the blogging world.

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