We’re home!


We are back from the big Thanksgiving Weekend.  It was lovely.  We had such a nice visit with Mom and Dad and my brother Mark and his family.  Mark and his wife Vannessa are expecting!! I spent the whole weekend trying to come up with an AWESOME baby name. If I can come up with the winning name maybe I will get to name the baby!!  Vannessa did let me choose the middle name of my last niece. Can you imagine? How generous is that???  I choose Maisie after the novel What Maisie Knew, by Henry James.  That is one of the things that still stings about not having children from my womb…not being able to choose a name.

We ate, and ate, and ate. I had  FIVE, yes 5 pieces of pie. YUMMMM   We played scrabble, and Wii, and Scatagories, and of course watched Christmas Vacation, and Elf. FUN FUN FUN!!

The BG and I did the after Thanksgiving crazy, mad shopping day, as did  Mark and Vannessa.  We all decided we would take advantage of Grandma and Grandpa watching the kids for us. It was my first time being out in that, and maybe my last. INSANE  I tell ya!  We did get most of the big things our kiddies are wishing for. HO HO HO =)

We decided as a family to just get the kids gifts this year and the adults are doing the First Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest.    We drew names and now we must scour the goodwills, salvation armies, and junk shops to find the coveted ugliest Christmas sweater on the racks to gift to our person.  They have to wear it the whole day of Christmas dinner!!! Whoever is voted the ugliest sweater gift-er gets the pot (we are probably each throwing in 5 bucks) and a trophy to be handed in next year to the next winner. I am super pumped to win…ugly sweaters here I come!!


 Mom gave me some goodies this weekend!!  I think it was supposed to be a Christmas surprise, but I spotted it in the garage! LOL LOOK!! A CROCK!!! I have wanted and wanted and wanted a big crock, but every time we go antiquing they are just so darned expensive.  Now I want no more:



And the cutest Christmas tree ornaments ever! They are little candles that plug into your tree lights:


 Thank you Mommy I love my gifties!!! I love you too =)

I am off to put the family tree up with the family. The kids have picked out their ornaments for this year. We go shopping for ornaments every year and when they move out and have their own tree they get to take all their ornaments with them so they have a nice start =)

Later! Melissa

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5 comments on “We’re home!

  1. Colleen says:

    Love your crock! Very nice :o) And I am glad you got to go off and get your shopping started. It sure is hard to find the time with kids!

  2. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving! I battled the stores once years and years ago on the day after Thanks, but NEVER again! The next worse thing is the day before Christmas. Done it and won’t ever again!

    The Christmas Sweater project sounds fun! It’s fun to have something to hunt for isn’t it??

    Happy Holidays!

  3. Kathi says:

    The crock will be GREAT! And I love the ugly sweater contest. I may have to see if my brothers and sisters would go for that one. I know I’d love it.

  4. Cindy says:

    Love the ugly sweater contest!! Make sure to take pictures…can’t wait to see what you all come up with. How Fun!!
    Also love how your candy cane quilt is turning out.
    Take care and I’ll be back to visit Santa’s little elf soon. You make too cute of an elf!! lol…

  5. sharon says:

    What a great gift. I love those crocks. Love the Christmas tree light too.

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