Happy Last Month of the Year!


Here is the beautiful scene that greeted me this morning! This is the pine tree out my front window.  Doesn’t snow do such a good job of painting the land?


WOW! December 1st! I am welcoming old man winter with open arms this morning. Is there any other way? I guess you could grump around and hate the snow, but I choose to be a little more cheerful about it all.

1. Snow is pretty!

2. When you are cold you get to cover up with your sweetie under a quilt.

3. You can buy hot chocolate by the gallon!

I am spending most of my day cleaning and doing laundry. hip hip hurray!  But I did put the Elf on the Shelf.  Have you heard of this guy?


If you have little kids it’s the cutest little tradition to do with them. I found this last year. He comes in a little gift set with a nice hard cover picture book. It has a spot in the back to write the family name, the year you started the tradition, and the name of your elf on the shelf. Ours is named “Sparky.”

The story goes that this little elf is Santa’s helper. He flys back to the North Pole each night to let Santa know if you have been naughty or nice that day.  He keeps a good eye on you during the day and can even check up on you at school. The next morning Sparky is back, but in a different spot in the house. The kids have fun waking up and looking for him. Sparky is not allowed to talk to kids, but the kids can tell him their wishes and dreams and he will let Santa know.  Also kids aren’t allowed to touch Sparky. It  explains it all in the book in a nice little poem.



Our kids stared asking about him last week and I was in a panic because he wasn’t in our Christmas boxes. OH NOOOO! I had lost him in the move I guess. So I had to go to the Hallmark store and buy a new one on the sly this weekend. This one is NOT going to get lost!! I had to wrack my brain to remember what we had named him. OH the lenghts we go to  to make up stories to our kids about Christmas! LOL  So when they get home from school today they will be excited to see him =)

later! melissa

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  1. valerie says:

    I love this story! Cute thing to do with your children. I am going to try to find this book.

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