Just a bunch of silly talk.

santa-hatOkay so you have to admit I kinda look like an elf! Don’t I?????  Big pointy ears, largish nose, christmas twinkle in the eyes there….yep, definately an elf. But what are those bags under my eyes? Those aren’t supposed to be there!


Brenda I hope you are having a nice time in Texas with the fam.  I thought of you today when I donned my Christmas socks that you sent. This pic is for you =) A very well constructed Christmas sock if I might say. I particularly like the red heal and toe, and the scalloped edge at the top! heheheh



I finished the top of the candy cane quilt last night. This one is gonna hang on the front door.



If you can recall this quilt was inspired by a pattern by Country Threads, but I couldn’t get the pattern so I made up my own.  If you would like to make your very OWN candy cane quilt I can tell you the measurements of this one.

The border is made from 3 inch (that’s finished size so make em at 3 1/2)  half square triangles. 6 across the top and bottom and 14 along the sides.  Cut your center piece at 18 1/2 x 33 inches.  Draw a couple candy canes and applique to the center. Then make some ivy leaves and berries (or you could make a bow) and stick ’em on there too =) Presto you have a candy cane quilt too!

I am going to quilt this one and the poinsetta one today and hopefully they will be hanging up in the homested by tomorrow.

I am honored to be one of Rachel from p.s. i quilt’s Pay It Forward recipients!! The button is in my side bar if you would like to visit her site.  I will be asking for 3 gals or guys to get something from my humble hands after the holidays so I can pay it forward in a less hectic time of the year.

Later! melissa

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2 comments on “Just a bunch of silly talk.

  1. Sara says:

    I love the Christmas socks. I love funky socks but alas cannot wear them to work, just around the house. And your candy cane quilt looks great. Read your previous posts and it sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. We do the same with ornaments here, only my boys get their ornament in their stocking. I pick something that they are “into” at the time and it’s there when they get up. My parents have done this for ever with my sister and I. I still have all mine!

  2. Mel says:

    Darling candy cane hanging! Hope you get feeling better!

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