The Easy Shmeasy Quilted Tree Skirt


Here’s a fast, easy tree skirt you can make if you are sick of your old tree skirts, you do a new color scheme every year, or your dog ate your old one!  Please don’t make fun of my drawings or santa won’t bring you anything this year!! I couldn’t bring myself to make another tree skirt ( already made 4 this year!!) So I drew the pictures instead. hehehe

The Easy Shmeasy Quilted Tree Skirt


1. Measure the base of your tree stand to determine the size square you need. So if your tree stand is 20 inch across add about 10 inches to both sides= you need a 40 inch square.

(my little artificial tree stand is small and I only wanted a little skirt because of the tiny space my tree has to fit in, so my square was 28 inches, but you can make it bigger)


2. Cut two squares the size you determined in step one. For our tute we will go with the 40 inch example.

3. We now have 2- 40 inch squares. One will be the top of the skirt and one will be the bottom.

4. Layer the squares right sides together and cut an even amount off all four corners. I used a triangle ruler to make sure I cut the same amount off all 4 corners.


5. Your fabric is now an octagon shape. Lay the octagons (right sides together!) on a piece of batting and pin all around to make sure the three layers stay together.

6. Fold the octagon in half (side to side) and finger press. Now fold the octagon in half (top to bottom) and finger press. You now have a cross to determine the middle.


7. Find something circular around the house to trace a circle in the middle with a fabric marking pen/pencil. Make sure the circle is big enough to fit around the tree trunk.

(my artificial tree trunk is pretty small so I used the cap off my spray starch can to trace my circle)

8. Next use your ruler and rotary cutter to cut up one of the finger pressed lines to your circle. Then use scissors to cut the circle out along your traced line.


9. Now sew along all the edges of the layered quilt using a 1/4 inch seam, starting about an inch down from the circle on one side and stop sewing about an inch from the circle on the other side. This will leave enough room for turning the quilt inside out.


10. Turn the quilt inside out and press. You can now slip stitch the sides closed up to the circle so the only raw edges are around the circle.

11. Use whatever basting method you like (I use safety pins) and quilt the whole top.

12. Use bias binding and attach to the circle edges leaving enough binding on the ends to tie around the tree. Enjoy!



3 comments on “The Easy Shmeasy Quilted Tree Skirt

  1. That is easy schmeasy. Too bad I’m overloaded with projects to finish. I’d like a new skirt.

    And, HEY!, it’s snowing here. Thanks for sharing it. 🙂 We are getting a cold spell – only in the 50’s but with rain. I want real snow. Sigh.

  2. Kim says:

    Love this idea and am going to bookmark it for next year. ‘Cause I really like the idea of doing something different every year! 🙂

  3. OH, we are certainly two peas in a pod…I have that same exact fabric in my stash! LOL! I love the skirt…

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