Snow Day


The one-thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband. – Joan Rivers


Well the first snow day is upon us.  You would think I would check the school listings BEFORE I get the kids all dressed and ready to go. I remembered to do that last year.  This year? Not so much. So I had them marching out to the bus stop before I thought, “Man it looks really snowy, maybe I should check the school listings.” Apparently there is supposed to be an inch an hour. That’s alot of snow!!




What is normally a joyous occasion, who doesn’t like a snow day, has the kids and I am bummed that TODAY of all days is a snow day.

They, because it was their last day of school before break, their Christmas party at school ,AND pajama day!!

Here they are all pajama-ed up and ready to party:



I, because it was a HUGE sale at work today. 40% off fabric, buy 1 get one free books, 20% off notions.  I feel so bad for my boss who worked hard to prepare and now will probably be very slow AND I can’t go in to work =(  I love working sales. They are fun days. So if you live in Michigan go out to Quilt N Go, if not today, tomorrow to shop till you drop. I am thinking she will probably extend the sale a bit due to the snow storm.




Yesterday was the girls’ Christmas program at school. They were so adorable.  The lighting was really bad so I didn’t get very good pictures.






Their school sure isn’t afraid to call Christmas =Christmas, and sing about the reason for the season. I was very pleased about that.  Seems like everyone  these days is so afraid to offend people by celebrating Christmas. I am not offended by Hanuka or Ramadan what-so-ever so why don’t they just leave Christmas alone too! LOL


later gaters! melissa


5 comments on “Snow Day

  1. Those little chickies are looking pretty spiffy in their jammies; what a total bummer that they don’t get to party in them. I feel their pain. And yours… LOL! But just think, after you miss the sale and your kids get all bored from being inside, you can dress them up in their winter gear and tell them to help you shovel some of the snow…LOL! Never works w/GP; so don’t hold your breath. We’re bracing for some white stuff too…BRRR.
    Have fun with your little ladies; make it a Mommy and Me day; bake some cookies, teach them how to do the laundry, make lunch, teach them how to fold the laundry…you get the pic. Now why didn’t I have girls? Go figure!

  2. sharon says:

    What adorable girls you have. They are so cute. Wish I were close enough to take advantage of that sale. Sounds like a good one.
    Happy snow day!

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Melissa!
    How pretty she looks!!!!
    I’m so glad they kept Christmas in the vocabulary there! I for one think it should always be used/said/celebrated.
    Hugs, Karen

  4. Sara says:

    We had a snow day too, but my kids were not bummed out to say the least. They got a day home with no parents.

    Your girls are adorable in the pajamas, and their Christmas dresses for the school activities.

    Here it is only about 10 degrees now, how cold is it up there? We don’t have snow though. Just a very strong wind and way below freezing temps.

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!

  5. valerie says:

    So precious! There are no words.

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