i need a fairy godmother




So do you ever feel like you need a fairy godmother to help you keep the house clean, pay the bills, remind you of appointments, cook dinner, and then wave a wand over you to make you look fabulous for when your husband gets home?   Yeah , me too. Only I also want mine to finish all the started projects,  quilt and put bindings on all my quilt tops, and organize my sewing room too!! What? A girl can dream right? hehehe

At the risk of gagging you all with my love of decorating for holidays I thought I would share my project from today. It might be starting to look like cupid threw up hearts all over the place, but it’s just so fun!!  Being totally inspired by Basketnprims blog header    http://basketsnprims.blogspot.com/  I made myself a little valentine pillow bouquet today!


I think for Easter I will just change out the red berries and add some easter themed do-dads; nests, birds, bunnies, eggs, etc. 

Here is the table runner gracing the coffee table these days, yes more hearts (I am not even out of control yet, just give me time hehehe):



I have yet to make it to my machine for actual quilt sewing today, that will have to wait until tomorrow because my lazy fairy godmother didn’t help me do all the dishes today. She is fired!!

Later! Melissa

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7 comments on “i need a fairy godmother

  1. rachel says:

    hey i need one of those.

    SUPER cute decos.

  2. Mel says:

    Very nicely done. Not cheesy at all – which is why I’ve stayed away from decorating for ValDay. I do like the primitave decor and may have to try it!
    Thanks for the pics!

  3. jackie says:

    Let me know where you pick that fairy godmother at – mine just needs to do my 9-5 job, I’ll do the rest. Love the little heart pillows – I started some thing weekend but then got side tracked. Maybe tonight. Love the other decorations!!

  4. Stefanie says:

    I love your decorating!What a cute idea….BTW, if you find the fairy godmother, ask her if she has a sister that can come to my house! Oh yeah and ask her to bring some of your adorable hearts!

  5. Sharon says:

    I love your hearts and the tablerunner. You dont need a Fairy Godmother you’ve got it covered yourself.

  6. Pam says:

    Melissa, it turned out great & thanks for the flattery. I’m glad you liked it. I want a fairy Godmother, too, to come finish painting my living room so I can craft, LOL. Have a wonderful evening.


  7. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. It’s the ONLY fun day to be all goofy in the middle of this Winter Freeze. Let’s just say, “Valentine’s Day Warms my Heart” Hahaha, pun intended! Have fun… and get yourself some Valentine’s socks; I saw some at Target and thought of you! =)

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