i hate the television

So guess what I did today?? LOL


(well I did go grocery shopping, that IS something I guess.)

It’s not my fault really, I blame it on HBO and their darn amazing show The Wire.  Television is the ultimate time sucker, so it’s usually not to hard for me to avoid  indulging, but…..


I watched it all day today. I had to catch up to the BG, who stays up REALLY late and watches ahead of me.

Did you guys watch this when it was on?  Superb. The BG had been talking about it for awhile because everyone in his office watched it. So he wanted Season 1 for Christmas. We devoured that , then the 2nd season and now we are starting the 3rd season tonight. 

The good news?  There are only 5 seasons, so I won’t be trapped in the T.V Vortex forever! =)



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3 comments on “i hate the television

  1. Mel says:

    Never heard of it. I don’t watch regular TV. I download shows I like and watch them commercial free. Should I add this one to those I download?
    Don’t worry about skipping out on a day by watching TV, just do something tomorrow!

  2. rachel says:

    i haven’t wacthed the wire.
    but that’s how i am with trueblood.
    and f.r.i.e.n.d.s

  3. hardenbrookgirl says:

    I never watch TV live except for baseball and sometimes important things (like election coverage and inagurations!) I can usually always depend that one or both sets of kids will be buying the DVDs for any really good show out there. I know my son has these, because we gave him the latest season for Christmas. Sounds like I’d better start borrowing them. Good think I have a TV with DVD player next to my sewing machine!

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