bad cars and good bags


I finished the Nappy Bag sample for the class I am teaching, unfortunately I have no way to get it to the shop because ole’ gray (that’s my silly car) stopped working on me yesterday.  He’s blowing out cold air instead of heat and doing some other crazy things that I won’t list here.  So until our mechanic Jon takes a peek at him I am firmly grounded at the homestead.

Here’s the Nappy Bag, it has many great pockets for bottles, nappies, and other mom-needfuls, even a cell phone holder on the sholder strap!



I have made quite a few of Amy Butlers fun bag patterns over the years.  Some of them I have had to retire due to great use, but I thought I would share a few that I still use.

Here is the Weekend Travler’s Bag that I also taught as a class at Quilt N Go last year. It is perfect for an overnight bag or a carry-on:



Here is the Betty Shopper bag. This baby is ENORMOUS!!



Here is one of many Madison Bags I have made:



Gotta go get these little crazies started on their homework!



Later Gators!


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2 comments on “bad cars and good bags

  1. rachel says:

    SUPER cute bags!!!
    i LOVE that weekender bag!!!

    sucks about your car though.
    boo to that!!!

  2. Wow! those are awesome. I can’t even “go there”… I’ll just continue to put Vera Bradley’s girl’s through college, LOL!
    Oh, I had to tell you that the first car I ever owned stopped blowing hot air and it was the first sign that it needed a new alternator belt…then when it stopped moving and I took it in they asked me, “Weren’t you freezing?” To which I replied,” I thought the heater was like the AC, an option!” LOL! Live and learn, check your alternator belt first; that’s a cheap fix for what could be a really expensive looking problem. I’ll be saying a little prayer for you! B=)

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