ice ice baby


It’s a snow day today!! Well technically it’s a Freeze Day.  They called school because the temperatures are too dangerously FRIGID!!  That’s a first for me.  Why back in my day, when we had to walk to school barefoot in ten feet of snow, they NEVER called school cause it was a little nippy outside. Where have all the tough people gone??? And don’t they know I cherish the 8-3:30 moments of my day when I am all alone in the solitude?? Oh well…may I introduce you to myself the Superhero Referee Mom? Settling all sibling disputes with with a fair mind and gentle hand?? Is it just me or do kids fight more in the winter time? Hmmmm


Okay so I got Valentine Door hanger done, the top anyway:


Maybe I will do a little tute on it in the next couple days if anyone wants to make one for their front door =)




Also I FINALLY started Rachels Calendar Quilt Challenge! (click on side bar image for a visit!)


I am using ONLY scraps from the scrap bins for this one, even the sashing and borders.  What a great way to clear all that stuff out!! I went with the strips cut at  whatever size chunk I wanted by 12. After I get  3 months together I will square the edges to 10 or 11.

Now most of the gals participating were probably smart and have been doing a strip a day. Me?? Not so much.  So I used an idea that was on the challenge blog and printed a Calander page so I could write down what was happening that day, and then when I actually get to picking and sewing strips I can choose something that represents that day. While recording the days, I suddenly realized that my life is seriously lacking in excitment! hehehe


Then I dug in. Man what a happy mess you can make going through your scraps! This is just a tiny portion of the scraps that I have been unable to throw away over the last year!! When we moved last year I dumped 3 bins in the dumpster!!! Oh us crazy quilters, why must we horde so?



Here is my Calendar quilt so far:



Don’t be alarmed by all the blues, I am not depressed hehehe, it’s just that it has been SO cold and snowy.  I put a plain white piece on Jan 1st to represent a BRAND NEW year with a blank slate ready to be filled with laughing, loving, and quilting.

So this is going to be fun. I really enjoyed doing it!

Well I hear a dispute upstairs that calls for Superhero Referee Mom!!

Later Gators,


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11 comments on “ice ice baby

  1. rachel says:

    too cold. too cold.

    i like how you printed out the calendar.
    good idea.

    and yeah…you might have to do a tut.
    that’s SUPER cute. and looks like a quick project.

  2. Love your Valentines wallhanging, very cute!

    I haven’t started the Calendar quilt challenge yet :^0

    The idea of the calendar to mark down events is good. I was just thinking of putting milestones (birthdays etc) on some of the strips.

    Keep warm!

  3. Shelly says:

    LOVE the Valentine Wall Hanging. Definitely need a tut–especially for this quilting challenged/illiterate person! Others can probably look at it and determine exactly what you did. ME? I’m lucky to know what the square vs. triangles are! LOL
    Love your sense of humor. I think I’ve found someone else that has the same sense of humor as me.
    And, NO, children don’t fight more in the winter–you just notice it because they HAVE to be inside. In the summer you can say GO PLAY OUTSIDE! Then you don’t have to listen to it! Come join me in South Mississippi where our COLD frigid temps will feel like summer to you at at! Drop me a comment or two every once in a while so I know you’ve been there. Trust me, I’ll be doing that here! Whether you want it or not! LOL

  4. Lisa says:


    I’m just visiting from the Calendar Quilt blog. I’m off to a slow start myself. My scraps are stored quite like yours, I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one with a big blue bin.

  5. Sharon says:

    I love your cute Valentine door quilt. Very cute!!!

  6. Who knew strips could look so good? Oh, you make me want to quilt and quilt and quilt…but I just really can’t stand that piecing thing. It’s so stressful! =(
    I have to work on that…thanks for remind me. More piecing, less whining! LOL!

  7. Melody says:

    Fabric? Dumped? Huh? I’m sending you my address for your next time around!!

    I need a referee too sometimes but it’s for the daughter/mom game. Good luck coming out ahead on that one. 🙂

  8. Sara says:

    We had a freeze day too on Thursday. Then Friday we had off for the holiday on Monday (Teacher In Service). Its been in the -teens here, how about you? Your farther north so I would think it would be colder. By the way – I love that valentine heart door hanging! So cute and creative!

  9. Em says:

    I think the schools system conspires to put wrenches im mothers lives. They have a magic ball they look in and find when it will be most inconvienent then make a school holiday. Maybe they feel we need to work on our referee skills. Just kidding. Love the Valentine quilt. And your strips are lovely. I’m going now to read about this challenge. Have a great weekend, Em

  10. valerie says:

    I love the colors for your calendar quilt. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  11. lani says:

    Caught you on the calendar challenge hope to see more of you….Lani

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