Why didn’t you tell me?



Well  holy schmoly!!  I put all the blogs I read on bloglines last night. Why didn’t you guys tell me about this wonderful invention? heheh  Boy oh Boy the time it will save. I had NO IDEA that I had 80 blogs I check in on, not including random ones I click on from other peoples blogs.  So I would visit them each from favorites, only to find that they hadn’t posted anything new. No wonder I could drink 3 cups of coffee reading blogs!   This bad boy just shows you who posted and you click and read right from the site…COOOOOOL. It’s easy to do if you want to do it too.  Just go to :http://www.bloglines.com   and sign up.

So I have been waiting patiently for a week for our mechanic to pick up my car and fix it, but he is really really busy plowing snow and working for UPS, so I finally had to call a random auto repair shop from the yellow pages.  They are sending a tow truck in a bit here.  Cross your fingers for me that it won’t be too expensive!! Too bad they wouldn’t take a quilt instead of money, I have plenty of those !! LOL

Later Gators!


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6 comments on “Why didn’t you tell me?

  1. I’m a google reader girl…. You can even import to google reader… But It’s the only way to keep up with your friends.

  2. tami says:

    I have 236 blogs in my bloglines. It’s too easy to just keep subscribing.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Hey Mrs. Blogger!

    I can’t even count how many blogs I have listed!…and if the repair man was smart, he would take a quilt instead!

  4. Cara says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

  5. scrappylady says:

    Hi Melissa, LOVE your Valentine door hanger!( I have been blog rolling and found you today! ) Good luck with your car. I know what you mean about wishing they’d take a quilt in trade for the repairs, we’re having issues with household appliances and that’s not in the budget so soon after Christmas! lol ~ Wendy

  6. Those mechanics know nothin’! Getting paid in quilts would get them “rewarded” at home by the “Missus”, LOL!

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