a work sample and just squares



I spent most of my day today finishing a sample for the shop I work at.  Ruth, my boss, and I got kit happy last week and decided to make up about 4 new kits.  It’s just about my favorite part of quilting….picking out the fabric!!  This little kit is the one I decided to make the sample for, due to it’s simplicity and ease of sewing up quick.

I had a TRAGIC accident while removing the freezer paper from behind the vine. This had NEVER happened to me. I was shocked! and might I add a little disgusted with myself.  I somehow managed to catch the fabric with the freezer paper and pulled SO HARD (with my enormous Popeye muscles) that the fabric ripped!! OMGosh!!!  I certainly didn’t want to remake the WHOLE vine as I was already blessedly done with the hand applique portion. Sooooo, as I am want to do, I left it. It will become part of the quilts’ story, and I am sticking to it!

Here is what I finished by lunch:


And here is what I finished after dinner:



It’s super duper bright and happy and lovey!


As I was routing around for some true red embroidery floss (I tend to only have folky prim colors around)  I found in a drawer these old blocks I had made quite a few years ago.  They make me happy and I think I need to make more and put them together!

WARNING: I did not iron out these blocks so please note they have been squashed in a drawer for a long long long time and don’t poke fun at me!!



Later Gators! Melissa

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8 comments on “a work sample and just squares

  1. Linda Clarke says:

    Great kit. YOur never know when accidents will happen. Isn’t floss great. Linda

  2. Linda says:

    please update my website to lavenderridge.blogspot.comThanks a bunch Linda

  3. OK, so I was surfing and reading my bloglines and look what I found. I am so good, LOL! I subscribe to blogs of great minds…y’know what they say, great minds think alike! I just had to share this. What are the odds?

  4. rachel says:

    it really isn’t bad…the rip…adds character.
    it looks great.

    and yayyy to finding your blocks.
    why are they so lumpy???
    i had to raz you since you said to not to.
    yeah…i’m evil.


  5. Nanette says:

    Well ripped or not, it is super cute. I love it.

  6. Sharon says:

    Hey Melissa,
    I love your new V day project. Just adorable!! And I am so sorry you encounterd a tragic accident. lolol I love the drawing of the “scene of the accident”. Now that was funny.
    Hey congrats on your win over at Karens blog. YOU GO GIRL!!! I was so happy to see YOU won!!

  7. Shelly says:

    Love love love the Valentine quilt top/table runner. Love the fabrics, love the design, even like the appliqué (although if it were me, I’d HAVE to find some way to do it by machine, I hate to do hand stitching anymore!). I think you should put those squares together and finish it. NO sense in them sitting around your house anymore! ~Shelly~

  8. Janet says:

    The Valentine quilt is beautiful- as are the long lost blocks you’re resurrecting.

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