the ever lovin’ sun


This post was supposed to be yesterday! Oppps, but here goes anyway:

Ahh …Mr. Sun is shining today. It is glorious!!!! It makes me feel springy and hopeful.

I am really trying hard not to spend my entire check at the quilt shop on good things. It’s SOOO HARD!! Can I just tell you that working in the fabric, books , and patterns all day without taking something home is almost an impossible battle?? I lost the battle just a tiny bit on Friday.

I bought a book I fell in love with, a new rubbery thimble, and a 4.5 inch ruler as mine seems to have gotten sucked into space somehow. Where did that ruler go?? Oh well I have a new one for now. =)


These are the quilts in the book that made me buy it. First is the FREEKING ADORABLE bunnies! I think I am going to do a little version for a wall hanging for Easter.



And this one of cowboys and horses that I am going to make for my new nephew on the way:



You know, I have to ask myself , can I just for ONCE love a quilt pattern without applique?? Jeesssh.

Since the sun was so bright and shiny today, I drove to Marshall this morning with every intention of buying this awesome antique reproduction phone. Have you ever done this? Saw something you loved, but didn’t buy it, then it haunts you?  I keep picturing it with an old worn out book, and a ink-well and quill. Wouldn’t that make a lovely gathering? But when I got there the store was closed. Boo Hoo.

the phone looked kind of like this:


Which would look nice next to this:


So I went to Amazing Grace instead and look what I found! Some more cheesy shell art!! WOOT Have I mentioned how much I love pink glittery things for my sewing room? LOL


I also got a bottle brush sparkly tree, and I keep seeing these ugly pink poodles so I had to have one for the chotchkies shelf!



later gators!


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3 comments on “the ever lovin’ sun

  1. Stefanie says:

    Hello M!

    You have more restraint than I do. I couldn’t just work all the time around fabric and not buy all of it! Everytime that a customer would bring something to the counter, I would probably have to buy it too! I think that my paycheck would probably be about 50 cents.

    I also love applique quilts.You are right! The bunnies are too darn cute.

    Don’t work too hard!

  2. omg! You are so bad! I love the book and that bottle brush is too cool. I love BB’s. I have three in black in the studio (It’s Halloween/Fall year ’round in the Pumpkin Patch!)and I just bought a really nice one for my sister this past Xmas when I was in TX… she had a nice wooden train that was beggin’ for some BB company, LOL! I’m always on the lookout for them, yours is one of the cutest ones I’ve seen; Nice find!=)

  3. linda says:

    Love the cute poodle. Linda

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