I need a new Do


I have always romanticized everything.  I guess I read too much. 

So hair should be no exception right?  My romantic notions about hair have gotten me into a quandry. I have ALWAYS said that when I am old I want a big HUGE fancy bun.  The more outrageous the better.  Spit curls, braids, feathers, whatever you could stick in there, the more the better.  My Mom always told stories about her grandmother having a bun.  How cool right? I want one.

So when I found a grey hair a couple years ago, I started growing out my hair in order to achieve my old-lady hair goals.


Now I have always been a SHORT HAIR  person.  I have had my hair shorter than this many times:



Much of my life has been spent sporting a page-boy do:



Now I have been stuck with this hair for a couple years:



And you know what??? I have never put a bun in my hair.  The fanciest I have every gotten is a pony tail. Nice…..

And you know what else?? I have only seen like 3 or 4 more grey hairs since the first one. Are they trying to trick me?

So I think I am going to chop it all off.  I mean if it isn’t turning grey that fast why should I be a slave to all that mess?

What about you? You like your hair short or long?


Okay moving on.


Isn’t this bunnie so ugly he is cute? Hahaha I am going to make some more this week. I can’t remember the name of the pattern and it’s waaaay upstairs.  Are you all getting out your spring decor?



Have a super day!!


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9 comments on “I need a new Do

  1. Sara says:

    Ok, I admit, I am a long hair person. I love my hair long enough to pull up. I think it’s because I can’t stand it in my face at all! But I did cut if off several weeks ago and am finding that I am still pulling it up off my face. I like your long, but then I think it would look cute short too.
    I do love that bunny, your right he is so ugly he’s cute. Hope spring arrives soon!

  2. Mary Q. says:

    Your hair is really gorgeous! Even though I love yours long, I’m usually more of a “short-hair person” myself and think a short cut would definitely look very cute on you. Is your hair currently long enough to donate to Locks of Love? That might be an idea!

  3. simplylibby says:

    I went through a similar scenario a few years back. I wanted to grow my hair long just one more time before I joined the ‘wash and set’ set *s* Now that you’ve made it this far, try to hold on until it’s long enough to donate. Your hair is gorgeous and would make a beautiful wig for someone who could really use it *s*

  4. valerie says:

    You don’t need to cut your hair. IT is beautiful. That is easy for me to say. I am going through the same thing. my hair is not as long as yours but I am in that mood to cut it. I love the rabbit.

  5. Megan says:

    I have been a short hair person for as long as I can remember, though I have tried, in vain, several times to be a real girl and grow it long. My hair is absurdly thick and very, very straight, and I had to use all kinds of bizarre contraptions to get it to stay in any kind of bun. Pony tails were too heavy and would make my scalp really sore.

    Now my hair is often too long just because I can’t afford to get it cut as often as I would like. I also started going grey at 19, and now, at 39, I am almost all silver/grey. Trying to dye it at this point is an exercise in futility, since it doesn’t take dye well and the results are unpredictable.

  6. Stefanie says:

    Hey M!

    Ok I know how you feel about your hair style! I have super curly hair, so I really can only wear it one way….curly. I tried to straighten it, but it was too much work and I really didn’t care for the look. So I have had the same “style” or awhile now. However, I think that a cute, short hairstyle would look good on you. It’s only hair and it will grow back!

    Ok-I love the bunny. He has such personality and I think that he would look good in my new home. BTW-I love the pattern that you made yesterday and I can’t wait to see the wallhanging when it is complete.

    Have a good day!

  7. No way, that bunny is way cute…I am lovin’ him! And for hair. I decided that short was all I wanted to do…that was 16 YEARS ago! I even tossed the hair dryer; don’t laugh, it’s true! If you come to my place you better pack that hot air baby because I have “nothin'”! LOL! I air dry;Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall. I used to have a bob but then that was too much work so I really just have “short hair”, no real style… it works for me. I had long, permed hair for most of the 90’s. Even my husband thought my hair was curly. It’s funny when I cut it he asked why I straightened it; LOL! Now THAT was funny! He had known me for years and just “assumed” my hair was naturally curly. Little did he know I put in one hour every single day to have that “naturally” beautiful mane, hahaha! I don’t think I will ever have long hair again, I’m too old for all the fuss.

  8. Cindy says:

    Hi Melissa,
    Your bunny that is so cute that he is ugly is exactly cute!!
    I started getting gray hair when I was 18 and was gray by the time I was 30. I colored it for years, but gave that up a few years back. My hair right not is a little below my shoulders, but I’m ready to get it cut off again. When it gets very long…it will not hold a style very well and I’m at that stage with it. So it is getting cut within the next week.

  9. Jan says:

    Do what your husband likes. My husband HATES women’s hair short and he can never understand why a woman wouldn’t want to look like a woman- instead of a “man” as he puts it. He can not stand that look where it is much shorter in the back and goes down much longer in the front, very unbalanced looking he thinks. Stupid looking is actually how he has put it. The Bible says a woman’s glory is her hair, so that is the way we lean at our house. God has given her hair as a covering to show tenderness, softness, and beauty.

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