Monday Monday



 Like my Easter egg wreath I got for $12.00 ? You just can’t pass up 1/2 off decorations!

I have been slowly putzing around putting out spring stuff. You know my little box that gets filled with seasonal do-dads? Here is what is living in there now:





Those are wooden carrots in there…but in the picture they just look like chunks of wood. Use your imagination =)

Remember the Egg quilt I worked up in EQ5? Well I got the top done yesterday.  I needed a homespun-ie one to hang up in the living room.


 Once I got the top done I thought it was way to0 plain so I took an idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Libby at   She had the great idea to use bits of other patterns for applique pieces.  So I went through my books and found a bunny to add to the bottom. Thanks for the idea Libby! =)

I am currently machine appliqueing them on then I will add some eyes and whiskers then quilt it up hopefully today.


 Another project I started yesterday was to FINALLY paint and stain the toaster cover my Dad made for me before Christmas! Whoooa kind of lazy about that huh?   If you’d like one the Pickled Pepper Patch (where we got the idea) sells them on her Etsy site:

This silly thing is just NOT drying!! When it does I will sand and distress it and seal it.toater_project

There has been ALOT of paint flinging around here lately!  Patience had to make a Mountain landform for her science project this weekend.  The BG mixed up some sort of flour dough and Patience built it and painted it. I forgot to snap a finished picture before I dropped her off today…whoops.  But they ended up being snow capped mountains.



The BG has been doing some painting of his own.  I found this on my pillow yesterday morning with a love note.  I hung it on my sewing room door for all to admire LOL.  I asked him if I was the little fat person in front of the sun, and he said, “NOOOO that is me …you are much bigger and rounder, you are the sun.” Heheheh



The other thing keeping us busy at night is MUSIC glorious MUSIC!!  We have recored about 4 or 5 songs. As soon as we figure out how to convert them I will post one for you to listen to =)



Later Gators!


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3 comments on “Monday Monday

  1. simplylibby says:

    Love those plaid eggs!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Hi Melissa!

    Sorry it has been awhile! Oh the dreaded Monday!

    I always love your decorating! The toaster cover is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing the link! I think that I will need one for myself and a few other things that I saw!

    Your Easter egg pattern is too cute. I haven’t tried using Homespuns yet. Will I like them?

    Anyway, have a good week!

  3. Nanette says:

    Your work is “eggactly” right! Love it. I got my egg quilt back from the quilter today. Lets see if it worked out now. hhhm

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