Too much celebrating is not always a good thing…



I had Waaaaay too much of this last night with the BG.   Ouch my head.


Have you ever heard of Glamping?  I hadn’t, but now that I have I want to go glamping really bad! It’s just like camping but it’s done in the cutest little campers you ever did see.  I read about it from this blogger  Now I want nothing but a little camper like this:




Speaking of camping the BG and I are planning to go next weekend with the kiddies on our first camping trip of the year.  We aren’t sure where to, but we bought a very nice tent last year and only used it once. So this year we are planning to go quite a bit.  It might be a bit risky going this early in the spring…but we are determined.

Later Gators!


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One comment on “Too much celebrating is not always a good thing…

  1. Regan says:

    Hi Mellisa,

    Yes, i share you passion and enthusiasm to experience glamping. No rules saying you cant camp it in style!

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