I have to work at the quilt shop today and then I take the girls to Karate tonight….so there won’t be too much work happening in the sewing room today unfortunately.  Wow did this week go by fast!!

Here is what I started working on yesterday. It’s a little “button up” pattern from Joined At The Hip. I have a bunch of these little patterns, but have yet to finish one.  You make one foundation and button on the different seasonal quilts. In an attempt to actually finish one I am skipping the foundation part for now and plan to just hang up the bunnies.





Here is how the toaster cover turned out…I swear it isn’t shiny but I couldn’t get my camera to stop flashing so brightly!! hehehe  I bought some paper mache eggs that I am going to either make into “rag” eggs or do a wax and cinnamon dip on them for the wooden bowl on top.



I picked up this HUGE sign from the country store for only 10 bucks!!  I hung it over the toaster cover. Love it!



Other than that I am planning to do the cushion recover on the wicker rocker for my sewing room.  I can’t decide which fabric to use? Here are the choices:



Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Later Gators, Melissa

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  1. valerie says:

    Oh I love all of your projects. I love the sign but I really like that little chest. Beautiful choices of fabric also. I actually tried some free motion quilting. Keep in mind that I am a beginner and don’t have a clue what I am doing but it has turned out pretty cute and I plan on practicing and getting better at it. It is funny how much fun we can have in our sewing room all by ourselves, isn’t it?

  2. Colleen says:

    I love your Button up quilty! It turned out so cute :o)

  3. Nanette says:

    Love love LOVE that fabric! It is so cute. We are so on the same page. I’ve been sketching bunnies to sew.

  4. Stefanie says:

    I have the same button up patterns, which I am so behind on also! Yours is turning out to be really cute!

    Love your toaster cover and your purchases. Where did you get the paper mache eggs? They sound like a fun project!

    Don’t work to hard or work up a sweat at karate!

  5. Oh Melissa, you have been so productive…I wish I had it in me to follow suit! =(
    I’m going to try…thanks for the inspiration. B=)

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