Back from the quilters…



This quilt had been sitting in my “Finished Tops” box for quite some time.  It has many other brothers and sisters sitting in there waiting for me to get rich and have them all quilted, or get off my patootie and quilt them myself (NOT). LOL   It’s a free pattern that came with the Faded Memories line by Three Sisters from Moda. I had pretty much forgotten about it, but I got a call from the Robin the amazing machine quilter and she had it all quilted up. I picked it up today after work.  I think she did such a nice job.

Look at her feathering and leaves in the borders:


And meandering in the center with a big fat “L” for our last name =)



I have no idea where I am going to put it. It doesn’t match my house ! heheheh

Here is my loot from work today:



I a pretty determined to have some quilts with a scalloped edge. We’ll see. =)

Sorry for not doing the rag egg tutorial, I haven’t had time to go pick up some more paper mache eggs. Will do it this weekend.

Later gators!


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4 comments on “Back from the quilters…

  1. Linda says:

    What a lovely quilt. Linda

  2. Mary Flynn says:

    Wonderful quilt! I hope you’ll find a spot for it…this happens to me as well!

  3. Tammy says:

    The quilt is really beautiful and the gal who quilted it did a lovely job. Doesn’t it feel great to get one done, even if a pile is still waiting.

  4. Wendy K says:

    Love your Quilt!

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