Weekend trip a bust.



We decided to forgo the camping trip this weekend because the weather people were calling for a rain/snow mixture. We were kind of bummed, but I am glad we called it off because it did indeed snow on Sunday. YUCK!!!

Spring wherefore art thou??

So instead we went to my Mom and Dad’s house.  We took a turkey and made a nice big yummy meal on Sunday.  On the way out there on Saturday I made the BG take me to Gathered Treasures, a little primitive shop in Grand Ledge, MI.

I got the cutest shelf for my kitchen.  Here it is all undecorated and hanging in my kitchen.  It looks lonely doesn’t it? It needs some do-dads sitting on it.  Oh darn, guess I will have to shop some more =) LOL




I also bought these little shoes. They came with their very own shoe box. Love em!



And lastly, I am not sure what it is with blocks lately but I seem to be block crazy??



Hope your Monday is a smashing success! Later gators, Melissa


4 comments on “Weekend trip a bust.

  1. Sara says:

    Sorry your trip didn’t go as planned, but I bet you are glad you didn’t get snowed on! We got a little here too! Love the great stuff you bought!

  2. Tammy says:

    Love all your finds – sounds like even though you didn’t get to camp you still had a fun weekend.

  3. misschell says:

    i am still amazed you quilt… guess cause i can’t sew a bit! i still have the quilt squares from 5 years ago when i was waiting to go get Kennedy in China. it’s a tradition to collect 100 quilt squares from friends & family & make a quilt for your daughter- yeah, right! bunch of squares in a box is more like it….

  4. wendy k says:

    Sorry you didn’t get to go camping, but a turkey dinner with your Mum and Dad sounds yummy! Luuuurrrrvve your kitchen shelf…the rolling pin is just toooo cute! W x

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