Planning a Wine Tasting Par-tay


Yeah…it won’t be THAT kind of wine tasting party!! LOL   But it should be fun in a more low key sorta way.

I have always loved wine. Back in my poor college days it was boxes of wine LOL, remember those?  When I needed one credit to graduate from college I took a wine tasting class.  It was perfect! It was one credit, and it lasted 4 days in the  summer semester. What a way to top off your college career:  drinking wine!

I decided that I want this summer to be the summer of parties at the Lussier Town House.  So what better way to kick it off than to throw a wine tasting? We are shooting for a couple weeks from now on a Friday evening when most of the couples we are inviting will be getting out of work. I am really hoping to have nice weather because I would like to take my harvest table outside and make a lovely outdoor setting.

Here is my invitation so far:


I ordered this  little party kit from Paper and Cake off Etsy.


It’s really cool. It has menu ideas, tasting scoring sheets, party qames, bottle tags and more.

Want one too? Here’s the link:

And of course I needed new wine glasses!  I am a stickler for drinking spirits out of the proper glass. Beer in pint glasses, martinis in martini glasses, etc.  I have amassed a pretty great collection of spirit glasses over the years and a few have even managed to survive after kids. I only the keep the ones we use the most out on our glass rack.

 We have a bunch of wine glasses, but not the BIG  HUGE substantial ones you always see in romantic movies. In fact the BG always complained about the crystal wine goblets we registered for, for our wedding. He says they are too dainty. 


I recently watched Vicky Christina Barcelona, and throughout the entire movie they were drinking wine out of the most incredible glasses!!

Look at the size of those things!



Here are our new wine glasses, which you can see as compared to a generic wine glass is nice and HUGE!! =)



It’s going to be fun planning the party.  I will be sure to post pictures of the event!

Later Gators, melissa

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