I like sewing just as much as the next girl, but….

Recently I have been getting the tattoo bug.  I am thinking of getting a new one.  I know, I know !!  Tattoo’s are probably gross to most of you, so you might want to skip down a little way =)

In my searching around the web for ideas I ran across these tattoos and had a giggle. These girls must REALLY love their sewing machines. hehehehe







I mostly worked on projects for work this weekend.  I am running an Apron Club at the quilt shop with patterns from this book:



I am planning to do one apron a month, yummy treats provided,  a recipe, and maybe some other kitchen type pattern each month. Here is the apron for May that I finished Saturday:



I also finished my 30’s blocks of the month through August and one more of the Whimiscals block of the month….ahhh I can rest easy now that those are finished and no one will have to call from the shop and  pull the kids and I away from the pool this summer to make them =)





If you can believe it the BG wanted to spend time with me in the sewing room while I worked.  So he finished my punch needle bunnie for me!!!!  He did such a nice job.  He said he even LIKED DOING IT!! So I am going to get another pattern for him to do for me ! Hey get it while the getting’s good is what I always say =)

Tonight he is going to cut a wooden cutting board to mount the finished punch needle on. SWEET!




I need to put borders on and quilt up this little quilt I made for the sewing room shelf.



Lastly I leave you with a sad, but true image.   “THEY” kept saying it was coming but I refused to believe.  Well my friends, the eyes do not deceive this time.  Here are the kids this morning playing in the FLIPPIN’ SNOW!!!


Now how are the kiddies supposed to find the Easter eggs if they are buried by snow?

Later Gators! Melissa

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2 comments on “I like sewing just as much as the next girl, but….

  1. Sara says:

    I am thinking my next tattoo will not be of a sewing machine. I actually have two in mind already, a shooting star or a pleasure horse in silouette (sp).
    Love all the stuff you are completing! And I may have the directions for the Thangles Buck A Block…I will have to check and let you know. I don’t know if I have it or not!I have 2008 though!

  2. valerie says:

    Isn’t the snow amazing? We sure didn’t get that much. We just had a few flurries but it was so pretty. Snow in April? Wow. Love seeing all of your pictures. They are wonderful.

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