Working those kits like a champ, girl!


Only about a week or so before I go to Paducha for the big quilt show.  I am told that there is shopping galore there.  As I have mentioned I really, really , REALLY don’t need any more kits or fabric.  But hey, I live in the real world (most of the time) so I know I will be buying.  To ease the guilt of adding to the FABRIC HORDE, I am trying to whip out some of the kits I already have.


I finished the batik kit top today!! Yippee =) The BG wants this one, and as I have NEVER made him a quilt (can you believe that? poor guy) I am happy to oblige and give it to him.


AND I pieced these blocks together that have been sitting there sighing  at me for over a year!  This one is going on one of the girls beds.

Now to add borders and this one’s done too!



Now does anyone know a longarmer that quilts for free? LOL

Later Gators! Melissa

p.s. those adorable cartoons are from

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9 comments on “Working those kits like a champ, girl!

  1. Tammy says:

    Both quilts are beautiful. I’ve never done much with batiks, but this gives me ideas. Wonder if my Hubby would like one of those. I admire you’re trying to get more done before you buy more, I keep telling myself I’m going to do that too, sighhhhhh!!

  2. karen says:

    If you live in PA you are welcome to use my longarm to quilt your quilts.

  3. valerie says:

    I thought the cartoons were hilarious and the quilts are absolutely gorgeous. You have worked hard. I have had my 4 grandchildren this week. They are out of school on spring break. 3 of them will be gone because their mother is off the rest of the week so it will be quieter at my house too.

  4. OK I’m not much of Batik kinda girl, but I’d fight you for the pastel patchwork!!! Beautiful…It would look awesomein MY daughter’s room too! have fun on your trip.

  5. Stefanie says:

    Hi M!

    The cartoons are hilarious! Sad, but very true!

    I have never used batiks but yours is inspiring. I need to get some? Now the pastel quilt is right up my alley!

    I’ll be thinking of you as you are wandering the aisles of fabric! I know, I have been there!

  6. Mary Q. says:

    Both quilts are beautiful (as are ALL of your creations!), but I especially love the batik one. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! It looks sort of like stained glass to me. Your hubby is a lucky guy to be laying claim to THIS gorgeous quilt!

  7. Judy in Michigan says:

    I love both your quilts!! Is the batik from a pattern and if so, could you tell me the name? I love how the diamonds make the squares look rounded…such a neat effect. Thanks.

  8. You are one mean piecing machine! Way to go Mel!

  9. Flatlander (Linda) says:

    Wow … I’m absolutely in LOVE with the batik quilt you’re making for BG … I second the request to share the name of the pattern. I love working with batiks (they’re so “crisp”) and have tons of them … the design is absolutely perfect for a “guy” quilt and I know my DH would love to snuggle under one in his favorite chair this winter … please share if you can. You’re one productive quilter … I’m quite impressed 😉 Good job!!

    Flatlander (Linda)

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