Sunday, not exactly a day of rest.

I know Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, BUT we just had so much to do today.

We were going to go camping HAHAHA ! Are you just craking up at me saying that every weekend? I am!! But then we decided we just had way too much to do.

The BG had about 20 applications/resumes to send out, the house was a wreck, I had to sew that work project quilt and I still have bunnies from easter out on my shelves!! FOR SHAME!

We did get so much accomplished. Cleaned, dusted, changed sheets, vaccumed,laundered, checked out the BG’s cover letters. I feel good.

So next weekend camping?? har har har I hope so!

I recovered the backyard chairs and made a table cloth and the BG screwed them into place.


I took all the Easter decor down and brought out a box of “summer” stuff, which is really just patriot stuff for July 4th.





Tomorrow I will finish putting out the “summer” stuff and I will feel good about leaving the house for the great outdoors next weekend.  Our daughters are dying to go fishing and I just want to get outside.

I am also hoping to finish up the Charleston Harbor quilt tomorrow! Wish me luck! =)

Later Gators, Melissa


2 comments on “Sunday, not exactly a day of rest.

  1. Good for you! Way to go Melissa. It’s warming up in NH and we’re thawing out too. Maybe I’ll find my groove and catch up with my housework soon too. It’s like the bog ol’ elephant in the room around here, LOL!
    I love that flag holder, I need me one of those, hee-hee.

  2. Libby says:

    I love when it’s time for ‘patriotic’ season *s*

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