Sewing & Crafting & Decorating OH MY!

 It’s been a great, creative couple of days.   I can feel Thursday coming (a work day) like a train chugging at me,  and I haven’t even touched the laundry!! Days off go so fast and I have a ton of them! Maybe they should make the weeks have 10 days in them instead of 7!

So I whipped this patriotic quilt up yesterday and tonight while the BG punch needled beside me.  I hope to quilt and bind it tomorrow, then hang it up in the living room. It is designed by Joined At the Hip and the pattern was in one of my old BH&H Quilting magazines. I tried to use mostly civil war reproduction in it, but some other fabrics ended up sneaking in there.

Here is the BG modeling it for me =)

dddfghh 014


I had a HUGE shopping spree on Saturday this past weekend. I will show you all some of what I bought tomorrow (my camera battery died tonight.)  I have been wanting and wanting one of these primitive towel racks with the moving arms and I finally found one. Here is a shot of it with a punchneedle pattern I finished a couple nights ago.

I must say the BG is a much better punch needler (is needler a word??) Think I will stick to quilting! =)

I was so sad when I got it done because it kind of just looks like a blob.  Maybe I should have slowed down?

Nope I can’t slow down I have way too many things to make! LOL

dddfghh 023


I also tried my hand at making some primitive labels. Man that is addicting.  I will show you some more of what I am doing with those later when Ye Ole Camera battery is charged!

dddfghh 025


Here is one more new thing I snapped a shot of before, yes I am gonna say it again, the camera battery died.

My new primitive gathering consists of  a wooden “desk-y” thing that hold a candle, an antique ink well, quill, and “Gettysburg Address” journal. I found it all on Saturday in different shops. HOW COOL!

dddfghh 018


I am off to charge the battery ( I know get over it melissa!!)

Later Gators, Melissa

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  1. Libby says:

    Your new quilt is just perfect for the coming ‘patriotic season’ *hmmmm* wonder if I could employ Hubby to do some punchneedle for me. So many projects – so little time *s*

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