Jumpity Jump

My daughter is furiously jumping rope behind me as I write this post.

She is a jump roping champ! Why she can’t be a jump roping champ OUTSIDE instead of down here in the dark, dungy basement is beyond me, but excercize is good so I will just try to go to the happy place inside me head while she does it.

te jumping


I painted paper mache boxes and gathered bottles for my primitive label experiments today. I had fun using  names of

 family and friends for the labels.  Here are a few I finished.



Bess was my Grandmothers name

dddfghh 032


In the bathroom I used my dad and my grandpa’s names for the labels.

dddfghh 038


dddfghh 040


And I found this WAY COOL tutorial on The Graphic’s Fairy web site and prompty made one for my sewing room!

dddfghh 058



I gotta fly, The BG is taking me out on the town!

Later gators! Melissa

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  1. The Cousin says:

    OOOOOhhhh! You’re grandfather would be quite upset that you put periods between VL!! Very creative though! I love it! and you!! 😉

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